Where are Cobra VHF made?

Product information

Product Dimensions 2.09 x 2.66 x 4.75 inches
Colour Grey
Included Components Radio, User manual
Manufacturer Cobra
Country of Origin China

What is the range on a Cobra hh350?

approximately 80 miles
-On a sailboat with the antenna mounted at the top of the mast, communicating to a well-equipped shore station: approximately 80 miles.

What is the range of a 3 watt VHF radio?

Car, Boat, & Other Radios (Mobile & Fixed-Mount)

Average Range Guidelines *
Wattage Flat Open Terrain (miles) Suburban Locations (miles)
2 watts (UHF) 3 – 4 1½ – 2½
2 watts (VHF) 3 – 5 1½ – 3
4 watts (HF) 5 – 6 2½ – 4½

What is the most powerful handheld VHF radio?

Best overall handheld marine radio Standard Horizon’s HX870 is a feature-rich handheld VHF, with impressive functionality. It features a large screen, which is not only easy to read but also points to the array of functions available.

Do VHF radios have GPS?

Several radios include a built-in GPS receiver, which you can use for navigation, providing your Lat/Lon position and allowing you to navigate to stored waypoints. These VHF/GPS combo handhelds include Digital Selective Calling (DSC), which functions as a VHF-frequency emergency beacon.

What is a VHF transceiver?

A very high frequency (VHF) transceiver is a device that is composed of a transmitter and receiver that operates between 30 megahertz (MHz) to 300 megahertz (MHz). The wavelength of a VHF transceiver varies between 39.37 inches (1 m) to 393.70 inches (10 m), mainly depending on the frequency used.

How can I boost my VHF radio signal?

Increasing the antenna height can also increase distance, so mount your antenna as high as possible, such as on top of your boat’s hardtop or radar arch. You can also get greater range with a longer antenna — it has a larger radiating element. Additionally, keep in mind that not all VHF radios are created equally.

What is the Cobra Mr HH 600 VHF radio?

The CobraMarine® MR HH 600 VHF radio with GPS & DSC is Cobra’s first handheld radio that shows your GPS coordinates and automatically transmits them with DSC calls to notify the Coast Guard or other vessels of your exact position in case of emergency.

Does Cobra have marine radios for sale?

Whether you choose a handheld or a fixed-mount option, Cobra has marine radios for sale to help you be ready for the unexpected. Receive a Complimentary 1-Year BoatU.S. Membership with Any Cobra Marine Purchase Learn More

What kind of Radio is the Cobra acxt345?

The Cobra ACXT345 is a rugged, weather-resistant two-way radio/walkie talkie designed for recreational or business use. With up to 25-mile range, Water Resis…

Why buy a Cobra?

Ground breaking technology, modern design, and unmatched reliability make Cobra the #1 choice for professional drivers. Stay connected, keep alert, and now make calls and send messages, hands-free, with Bluetooth® integration.