Where can I buy cheap souvenirs in Osaka?

In Minami, you can find Dotonbori, which has plenty of restaurants and street food to offer. It is also home to Shinsaibashi which is a popular spot for youth culture. Minami offers many places to buy affordable food and souvenirs. If you want to experience the iconic Osaka vibe, you have to visit the area.

What can I buy from Osaka?

Must buy souvenirs in Osaka

  • All things Takoyaki flavored. As you stroll along the streets of Dotonbori in Osaka, you’ll probably see a Takoyaki store every few steps!
  • Mochi.
  • Kit Kats.
  • Pablo Cheese snacks.
  • Okonomiyaki flavored snacks.
  • Osaka Petit Banana.
  • Matcha madness.
  • Peach flavored everything.

What are nice souvenirs from Japan?

Here is the list of the best Japanese souvenir gifts.

  • Chopsticks.
  • Daruma.
  • Kimono & yukata.
  • Green tea (matcha) and its sweets.
  • Maneki neko.
  • Japanese pottery.
  • Wasabi snacks.
  • Noren curtain.

What snacks to buy in Osaka?

The 10 Best Popular Snacks You Must Buy in Osaka, Japan

  • Jagarico Takoyaki Flavor. photo by mi18na / embedded from Instagram.
  • Mangetsu Pon. photo by ponrica / embedded from Instagram.
  • Iwa Okoshi.
  • Okonomiyaki senbei.
  • Omoshiroi Koibito.
  • Kaki no Tane Takoyaki Sauce Flavor.
  • Osaka Maeda Nyu Bolo.
  • Chinchin Do Mayo-ala.

What should I buy in Japan?

What to Buy in Japan: 18 Unique And Fun Souvenirs

  • Sake.
  • KitKat bars (the flavors!)
  • Hanko: Japanese name stamps.
  • Kimonos.
  • Vending machine toys.
  • Wagashi candies.
  • Japanese cosmetics.
  • Sensu folding fans.

What is the most common souvenir?

Most Popular Souvenirs

  • Ornaments.
  • T-Shirts.
  • Postcards.
  • Shot Glasses.
  • Tattoos.
  • Sand in a Bottle.
  • Fridge Magnets.
  • Tea Towels.

What can I not bring back from Japan?

Drugs such as stimulants and cannabis, cocaine, psychotropic drugs, narcotics, opium, MDMA are regulated in Japan. It is illegal to possess or use them and taking them out of Japan is also not permitted.

What snacks can I bring back from Japan?

12 Snacks to Bring Home from Japan

  • Kit Kats.
  • Potato chips.
  • Pocky.
  • Morinaga DARS (Japan’s signature chocolate bar)
  • Oreos.
  • Hiyoko Sweets.
  • Wagashi.
  • Calbee Shrimp Snack.

What is Osaka best known for?

Osaka is best known for its amazing casual food and outgoing locals. It’s arguably Japan’s street food capital, and among food lovers is famous for snacks including takoyaki and okonomiyaki. Osaka is also renowned for its lively, extroverted locals who make eating and drinking in Osaka an unforgettable experience.

Are luxury items cheaper in Japan?

a whirlwind of mid-range apparels and luxury goods, it’s no surprise to find many brands that are cheaper in Japan. Whether you’re looking for a vintage Louis Vuitton handbag or Japan-exclusive Adidas sneakers, we hope this shopping guide will make your Japan trip worthwhile.