Where did Ikwere people come from?

Origin. The Ikwerre are generally considered by a great majority of scholars as a subgroup of the Igbo people of southeastern Nigeria. According to a theory of Ikwerre origin claims by some Igbo scholars, they would be descendants from an Igbo migration from Awka and Orlu areas towards the south.

Did Ikwerre originate from Benin?

Majority of the Ikwerre settlements have their roots traceable from the old Benin Empire.” Iwhnurọhna people descended from the ancient Bini Kingdom. The name of the grand ancestor is Akalaka.

Is opobo an Igbo?

Opobo, is an Igbo-speaking community in Rivers state, South South region of Nigeria. The kingdom was founded in 1870 by Jubo Jubogha popularly known as JaJa, an Igbo man from the Igbo hinterland. Opobo, being founded by an Igbo man has a Ndoki-Igbo dialect as its native language….Opobo.

Opobo Opubo
Time zone UTC+1 (WAT)

Who is Ikwerre people?

The Ikwerre are one of the Igbo Subgroups in Rivers State. Traditional history has classified Ikwerre into seven groups called “Ikwerre Essa”. They are Elele, Isiokpo, Rumuji, Ernohua, Akpor, Aluu Igwuruta and Obio group.

What is the meaning of Ikwerre?

Ikwerre, sometimes spelt as Ikwere, is a type of Igboid language spoken primarily by the Ikwerre people, who inhabit certain areas of Rivers State, Nigeria.

Is River State an Igbo?

Rivers State is a diverse state that is home to many ethnic groups, the majority being Igbo or Igboid, but also including the Ogoni and Ijaw.

Who are the Delta Igbos?

Anioma are Igbo communities in Delta State. They occupy Delta North Senatorial District, which consists of the Enuani (Oshimili/Aniocha), Ika, and Ukwuani/Ndokwa linguistic zones of Delta State. Anioma means “Good Land” in the Igbo language and it has an estimated total population of approximately 1.8 million people.

What was Port Harcourt before?

Present day Port Harcourt was known as Rebisi before the then Governor-General of Nigeria, Sir Frederick Lugard, in 1913, changed the name.

Who are Opobo people?

Opobo is a community in Rivers State, in the South South region of Nigeria. The kingdom was founded in 1870 by Jubo Jubogha, popularly known as JaJa, a former Igbo slave. The native language of Opobo is the Igbo language. A greater part of the city state is still referred to as Opobo in Rivers State.