Where is Bandar Lampung Indonesia?

island of Sumatra
Bandar Lampung, formerly Tanjungkarang-Telukbetung, kota (city), capital of Lampung propinsi (or provinsi; province), Indonesia. It lies at the head of Lampung Bay on the south coast of the island of Sumatra.

Which is the nearest airport to panruti?

Distance Between Cuddalore to Panruti

Distance between Cuddalore to Panruti by Road is 26 Kms
Travel Time from Cuddalore to Panruti by Road is 0:51 hrs
Nearest Airport in Cuddalore Chennai International Airport (11.75, 79.77)
Nearest Airport in Panruti Tiruchirappalli International Airport (11.77, 79.56)

What language does Lampung speak?

Lampung or Lampungic (cawa Lampung) is an Austronesian language or dialect cluster with around 1.5 million native speakers, who primarily belong to the Lampung ethnic group of southern Sumatra, Indonesia.

What is the meaning of Lampung?

Proper noun Lampung. A province of Indonesia. A lect of the Indonesian province of Lampung, which is either a language with two main dialects, or a macrolanguage encompassing two or three separate languages, including Abung.

How far is Shikharji from Ranchi?

How far is it from Ranchi to Shikharji? It is 109 km from Ranchi to Shikharji. It is approximately 156.9 km to drive.

How can I reach Shikharji?

Parasnath Station is the nearest Railway Station to reach this Temple. It is located in Dumri Jharkhand, almost 25 km away from Madhuban. Kazi Nazrul Islam Airport, Durgapur is the nearest Airport to reach this temple.

Does Jharkhand have international airport?

New Jamshedpur International Airport, also known as Dhalbhumgarh Airport, is the proposed new airport located in Dhalbhumgarh to serve the city of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand State, India.

What is Jharkhand airport name?

Birsa Munda Airport (IATA: IXR, ICAO: VERC), also known as Ranchi Airport, is the primary airport serving the city of Ranchi, the capital city of the Indian state of Jharkhand.