Where is Shoeburyness in Essex?

Shoeburyness is on the coast of the Thames Estuary, at Southend-on-Sea in South Essex.

Is Shoebury East Beach car park open?

The B1016 running along Southend seafront will take you to the junction with the A13 in Shoeburyness where you turn SE but right coming from that opposite direction into Campfield Road, then follow directions as above. Opening Times: 24/7 to pedestrians. Gates to car park open from 7:30am all year.

Why is shoeburyness called shoeburyness?

How come the name? The author has a stab at working out its origins, but only deepens the sense of oddity. The “bury” part simply means fort, and Shoebury’s strategic site means it has always hosted forts the way other towns have pubs.

Are dogs allowed on shoebury beach?

Dogs are allowed on the promenade all the year round (as long as they have respectful owners who clean up after them and the dogs are on a leash). October – April is for the beach, no dogs on the beach May 1 – Sept 30.

Are dogs allowed on Shoeburyness beach?

Dogs Allowed? Dogs allowed between 1st October and 30th April. (Guide dogs allowed all year round).

What time is high tide at Shoeburyness today?

7 day tide forecast for Shoeburyness 2022

Fri Sat Sun
Low 04:56am (0.9m) High 11:13am (5.26m) Low 05:09pm (1.25m) High 11:29pm (5.16m) Low 05:45am (0.69m) High 12:01pm (5.5m) Low 05:57pm (1.02m) High 12:16am (5.4m) Low 06:30am (0.54m) High 12:47pm (5.66m) Low 06:43pm (0.83m)

What time is high tide in Leigh on Sea?

Leigh-on-Sea Tide Times / United Kingdom

Sun, 1st Mon, 2nd Fri, 6th
High 01:27am (5.71m) Low 07:42am (0.4m) High 01:56pm (5.72m) Low 07:51pm (0.56m) High 02:03am (5.73m) Low 08:14am (0.45m) High 02:29pm (5.64m) Low 08:26pm (0.5m) High 04:17am (5.23m) Low 10:04am (1.04m) High 04:30pm (5.16m) Low 10:29pm (0.93m)

What county is Leigh-on-Sea?


Unitary authority Southend-on-Sea
Ceremonial county Essex
Region East
Country England

Is there a council run beach in Shoeburyness?

This less well-known council-run beach is often relatively quiet. The gently sloping beach backs on to a large area of grass incorporating a children’s play area. Sandwiched between Pig’s Bay MOD site and the former Shoeburyness Artillery Barracks, East beach is home to the Essex Kitesurfing Club.

Why is Shoeburyness beach so famous?

At the eastern end of the beach is a Coast Guard watch tower which stands guard over what is near enough the mouth of the River Thames. Shoeburyness’ location made it important strategically in World War II and there are still some remains of the coastal defences which prevented enemy ships entering the Thames.

What is there to do in Shoebury?

There’s a designated watersports zone; kitesurfing and windsurfing are especially popular. Shoebury East is ideal for crabbing, with a shallow paddling pool on the beach. The tide comes in very quickly here. It is a five minute walk from the railway station to the beach.