Where is the Indian scene filmed in back to the future?

Monument Valley, where the drive-in and the Indian chase scenes were filmed, is located on the Navajo Indian Reservation in Utah. Those scenes are the only ones in the trilogy that were not filmed in California.

Where was Back to the Future 3 drive-in scene filmed?

Monument Valley, Utah
The Pohatchee Drive-In Theater where Marty initially travels from 1955 back to 1885 was not a real theater. It was constructed full-scale for the third film in Monument Valley, Utah (near the Arizona/Utah border) and was torn down after that portion of filming was completed.

Where was Hill Valley in Back to the Future 3?

The movie—and its two sequels—are set in the fictional California town of Hill Valley, but it was shot entirely in Los Angeles County, and some of its filming locations (Griffith Park and the Gamble House, for instance) are recognizable LA landmarks in their own right.

Were all three back to the future filmed at the same time?

They were both filmed over the course of eleven months. This film was being edited while Back to the Future Part III (1990) was being filmed.

Was there a drive in theater in Monument Valley?

The drive-in was constructed in Monument Valley, Utah, and deconstructed after filming. One of the posters seen on the building is for Revenge of the Creature, which starred Clint Eastwood in his first movie as a lab technician where he said “I’ve lost my white mouse”.

Where is the Hill Valley clock tower?

Sadly, none of us can visit the fine folks of Hill Valley, but we can go the spot of the clock tower which is located on the back lot of Universal Studios in Hollywood, California. Back to the Future made ‘Courthouse Square’ a star, as much as it did Michael J.

What bridge is in Back to the Future 3?

Bear in mind that the bridge seen in the distance (in the movie caps) is fake – there is no actual bridge here, just the railroad crossing. Some of the signs are also fake. But everything else is real, including the track, the railroad signals, and the buildings seen in the background.

Was Back to the Future 3 filmed in Arizona?

Back to the Future Part III was filmed in California and Arizona, and was produced on a $40 million budget back-to-back with Part II.