Which FM radio station is best in Bangalore?

Top 10 Radio Stations In Bangalore

  • Big 92.7 FM- Kannada.
  • Red FM 93.5- Hindi.
  • Radio One 94.3 FM- Hindi.
  • Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM- Kannada.
  • Amrutavarshini 100.1 FM- Classical Music.
  • FM Rainbow 101.3 FM- Kannada, English and Hindi.
  • Fever 104- Hindi.
  • Gyanvani- English.

What are the names of radio station in Bangalore?

Radio City. Radio City is the first private FM radio station in INDIA and First FM station to come to Bengaluru and It was started on 3 July 2001 with the frequency 91 MHz.

  • FM Rainbow & Vividh Bharati.
  • Gyanvani.
  • Amrutavarshini.
  • Radio Mirchi.
  • Radio One.
  • Radio Indigo.
  • Big FM.
  • How many FM stations are there in Bangalore?


    Radio station Frequency Language
    Radio Mirchi 98.3 Kannada
    Amruthavarshini 100.1 Kannada
    FM Rainbow 101.3 Kannada
    Vividha Bharathi 102.9

    Who is the owner of 92.7 Big FM?

    Reliance Broadcast Network Limited
    92.7 Big FM

    Owner Reliance Broadcast Network Limited
    First air date September 2006

    Which frequency is Vividh Bharti?

    Commuters can enjoy the channel on their cellphones on frequency 102.8 FM. Vividh Bharati has the largest collection of film and non-film songs in the country, and crores of fans for this reason. It is this channel of All India Radio that reaches 99% of India’s population.

    How many radio stations are there in Karnataka?

    Karnataka radio stations by location

    Frequency (mediumwave and shortwave in kHz, FM in MHz) Name
    91.1 MHz Radio City, Bangalore (Music Broadcast Ltd)
    91.9 MHz Radio Indigo, Bangalore (India Radio Venture Pvt Ltd)
    92.7 MHz Big 92.7 FM, Bangalore (Reliance Broadcast Network)
    93.5 MHz Red FM, Bangalore (Kal Radio Ltd)

    Which is the first radio station in Karnataka?

    All India Radio started in Mysore, and has been functional in Bangalore since 1955. Radio City FM was the first private radio station in Karnataka, beginning broadcasting in 2001.

    What is the tagline of Radio Mirchi?

    Mirchi Sunnewaale Always Khush!
    The tagline of Radio Mirchi is “Mirchi Sunnewaale Always Khush!” (“Mirchi Listeners are Always Happy!”). It is the first privately owned radio station in India.