Which RTA cabinets are best?

Top 10 Best RTA Cabinets companies online in USA

  • Nuform Cabinetry.
  • Cabinet Door World.
  • Cabinets to go.
  • Kabinet King.
  • Prime cabinetry.
  • Cabinets.com.
  • The RTA Store.
  • Fine Kitchen Cabinet.

How sturdy are RTA cabinets?

Quality Construction: Most RTA cabinets are solid wood with dovetail drawers. Mine are also soft-close, and the construction is very solid.

How long does it take to put RTA cabinets together?

A cabinet install normally takes two to three days. And, countertops take an additional two weeks from template to install. Long story short, a kitchen remodel timelines for a simple remove and replace typically spans six to eight weeks.

Which are best RTA cabinets?

BEST OVERALL: Wholesale Cabinets Bright White Shaker; RUNNER-UP: Kabinet King Shaker Dove Kitchen Cabinets; BEST BANG FOR THE BUCK: Nuform Cabinetry Emma White

Should you use RTA cabinets for your kitchen?

Whilst RTA kitchen cabinets are beautiful, you should be mindful of the quality of wood used because it influences the longevity of the cabinets. Therefore, you should ask your supplier about the quality of the wood used. With these factors considered, you can get great RTA kitchen cabinets for your kitchen remodeling.

What you should know about RTA kitchen cabinets?

– Most stock cabinets range in widths from 12 to 36 inches. – Wall cabinets can range in height from 12 to 42 inches. – Standard wall cabinets are usually 24 inches deep. – Tall cabinets come in 84, 90, and 96 inches tall. – Base cabinets can be between 32 and 38 inches tall, including the countertop. – The width of base cabinets can vary from 9 to 46 inches.

How to choose RTA cabinets?

Identifying Parts. Start by opening the box.

  • Glue. Lay both side panels flat with the holes pointing up and the back edges facing each other.
  • Install the Bottom. Align the 1/4-in.
  • Install Support Rails.
  • Insert the Back Panel.
  • Attach the Right Side.
  • Attach the Legs.
  • Adjustable Shelf.
  • Assemble the Drawer.
  • Install Drawer.