Who builds slide campers?

Lance Camper is one of the most renowned manufacturers of slide-in campers. Lance has made use of new and modern materials to keep the camper lightweight and affordable. At the same time, the campers are constructed with practicality to provide space and comfort.

Can you tow a boat with a slide on camper?

With slide in campers, a slightly different (and heavier) variety of camper, it simply won’t be possible to carry when towing something.

Where are Tommy campers made?

Tommy Campers – based in Ballarat– has grown from humble beginnings with limited production in 2015, to year-on-year growth, based extensively on word-of-mouth satisfaction from customers who have put their personalised campers through their paces on the roughest tracks throughout Australia.

Are host campers 4 season?

Four-Season Quality Many companies claim to build four-season campers, but Host really delivers on that promise. Host’s panels are vacuum-bonded and insulated using a 2-pound high-density foam with a high R-rating—an R-13 rating in the walls, an R-16 rating in the floor, and an R-20 rating in the roof.

Who are the distributors of Northstar slide on campers in Australia?

Jeff’s Shed are the Australian distributors of Northstar slide on campers. Call (03) 58521 822 Click here for Northstar slide-on camper facts and info on our hardwall camper range.

How big is a Northstar offroada pop top camper?

This used Northstar Offroada 700SS Pop Top camper is in excellent condition. Camper would suit any Extra/Space cab vehicle with tray. Approx 1830 x 2200 base.

How do I contact Northstar Australia?

Call (03) 58521 822 Click here for Northstar slide-on camper facts and info on our hardwall camper range. If you would like to become a Northstar Australia distributor please call us on 0358521822

Will a Northstar offroada fit a twin cab ute?

Northstar Offroada 6 2011 The Northstar Offroada 6 is a slide on that fits twin cab tub utes and will fit a variety of other utes. It is compact, practical and is an ideal way to convert a ute or tray back into a mini motor home.