Who developed the Country Club Plaza?

J.C. Nichols
The Country Club Plaza is named in the Project for Public Spaces’ list 60 of the World’s Great Places….Country Club Plaza.

Kansas City’s Country Club Plaza
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Coordinates 39.041323°N 94.591813°W
Opening date 1922 (established); 1923 (opened)
Developer J.C. Nichols

What year did the Plaza lights begin?

Early Holiday Beginnings The first Plaza Lighting Ceremony took place in 1930. Putting up the lights is no small task. Starting after Labor Day each year, a crew of four electricians from Capital Electric begins stringing the lights while the weather is still warm.

What city is Country Club Plaza modeled after?

Seville, Spain
Built by local real estate developer JC Nichols, Country Club Plaza opened during the height of the Roaring Twenties with a distinct theme: Seville, Spain. Named for the surrounding Country Club neighborhood, most know it simply as The Plaza, and the buildings have remained almost unchanged since opening in 1923.

Who created the suburbs of KC and the Country Club Plaza?

It was constructed in the early 1920s by Kansas City real estate developer J. C. Nichols, who helped changed the city’s landscape with his suburban construction projects.

Who owns the Country Club Plaza?

Taubman Centers
Country Club Plaza/Owners

How old is Country Club Plaza Kansas City?

95 years old
favorite gathering places, the Country Club Plaza is widely considered a jewel of 20th-century urban design. At 95 years old, the district endures as the most vital and valued part of its regional community, which counts over two million residents and 20 million annual visitors.

Who is turning on the Plaza lights this year?

Kansas City Current
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The Current, Kansas City’s newly named NWSL team, will flip the switch for one of the city’s oldest holiday traditions this year.

What time is the Plaza lighting Kansas City?

The Plaza Lighting Ceremony begins at 5 p.m. with festivities and games. Speakers and live music round out the schedule, and the light switch is flipped just before 7 p.m. Then, the ceremony closes with more music.

When was the plaza built in Kansas City?

The master plan for the Country Club Plaza was completed in 1922 by prominent architect Edward Delk and the following year the first shops opened. Delk’s designs are seen elsewhere in Kansas City, such as the Community Christian Church at 46th and Main, which he took over from Frank Lloyd Wright.

What time is Plaza lighting in Kansas City?

Who’s turning on the Plaza lights this year?