Who does Yeo Reum end up with?

THREE OUT OF FOUR – GRANTED. Jung Rok and Yoon Seo got closer even with a separation. Lawyer Choi and Lawyer Dan declared feelings. Se Won has Yeo Reum got engaged.

Where can I watch Discovery of love?

Currently you are able to watch “Discovery of Love” streaming on Rakuten Viki or for free with ads on Kocowa.

What happens at the end of discovery of love?

Meta. Somehow, even with all this turbulence, everyone gets their happy ending. Sol and Joon-ho fulfill their potential as the most adorkable couple ever. Ha-jin and Ah-rim reunite as brother and sister (with potential for a future) after two decades doing the work that they’ve always wanted to do.

Who end up together in touch your heart?

The drama ends neatly and it’s a happily ever after for all our main couples — Yeo-reum & Se-won and Attorney Choi & Dan all together and very much in love. Touch Your Heart is rated highly on Viki (9.7 from ~ 18,700 reviews) but I confess — if it isn’t obvious — it wasn’t my favorite.

Is touch my heart worth watching?

Touch your heart is a fan service drama. The couple from Goblin, who didn’t get their nice happy ever after, get a second chance in this one. And it pays off. We knew that they had chemistry, and they do not disappoint, with a drama filled with cute, romantic moments.

Is touch your heart connected to Goblin?

Its story sounds like a spin-off of their characters in Goblin who were reincarnated as an actress and a detective. ‘Touch Your Heart’ tells a story of a romance between a lawyer (Kwon Jung-rok) and a top actress(Oh Yoon-seo), whose life went downhill after being caught up in a scandal with a third generation chaebol.

Is there any love triangle in touch your heart?

Although officially dating, a public announcement is yet to be made, and the world still thinks they do not get along. On those lines, Attorney Dan reveals to Yoon-seo the messy love triangle between Jung-rok, Se-won and Yeo-reum.

Is touch your heart a sequel to Goblin?

Not officially, but it’s clearly the intended purpose to capture Goblin fans.

Does touch your heart have a sad ending?

Jung Rok happily sends him off (“Get lost”), but we all know he’s a little sad in the inside. Later, Se Won learns that the lease for Yeo Reum’s place is nearly up, so he secretly finds a new place for them and proposes to her.

Will there be Goblin Season 2?

“Sad to say there will be no Season 2 for (Goblin) to happen. Some stories are always better to end as it is.” The series premiered on December 2, 2016, and ended on January 21, 2017. The drama was written by popular and highly acclaimed writer Kim Eun-sook under Studio Dragon.

Is there a love triangle in hwarang?

Hwarang is a bit more of a confusing (albeit disturbing) love triangle. Ah Ro meets Moo Myung, who pretends to be her long lost brother who actually passed away within the first episode. Moo Myung and Ah Ro’s brother were close friends, and Moo Myung swore to protect her before the brother died.