Who has the most interception returns for touchdowns?

Rod Woodson
Rod Woodson played 16 seasons with Pittsburgh, San Francisco, Baltimore, and Oakland, and holds the NFL record for most interception returns for touchdown in an NFL career with 12.

Who has the most interception return yards?

Ed Reed

Rank Player Yds
1 Ed Reed+ 1,590
2 Rod Woodson+ 1,483
3 Darren Sharper 1,412
4 Deion Sanders+ 1,331

Who has the most Pick 6 returns in NFL history?

Bret Favre
For an NFL Career, Bret Favre is the current record holder at 31 career pick-sixes thrown.

Who has the longest interception return?

safety Ed Reed
Baltimore Ravens safety Ed Reed sets the NFL record for the longest interception return for a touchdown in a 36-7 win over the Eagles.

Which player has the most defensive touchdowns 2021?

Tyrann Mathieu

Tyrann Mathieu 2021 56
Patrick Peterson 2021 66
Darius Slay 2021 72
Demarcus Lawrence 2021 40

Which player has the most defensive touchdowns?

Interpreted as:

Rod Woodson 238 1
Charles Woodson 254 2
Darren Sharper 205 2
Aqib Talib 148 0

Who has most interceptions in NFL?

Paul Krause
NFL History – Interception Leaders

Interception Leaders
1 Paul Krause 81
2 Emlen Tunnell 79
3 Rod Woodson 71

What player has the most defensive touchdowns?

How many Pick 6 does Tom Brady have?

Even the mighty Tom Brady has been known to fall victim to pick-sixes, every once in a great while. His 17 is quite low considering he is now in his 21st season.

What is the most picks in a game?

12 players are tied for the most interceptions in a game, with 4 interceptions. The first three are DeAngelo Hall on October 24, 2010, Deltha O’Neal on October 7, 2001 and Kwamie Lassiter on December 27, 1998.

What is Lamar Jackson longest run?

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson showed he can only be contained for so long. After being bottled up in the first quarter Sunday against the Washington Football Team, Jackson broke the longest run of his career, flying down the middle of the field for a 50-yard touchdown.