Who is Andy Pettitte?

Draft: Drafted by the New York Yankees in the 22nd round of the 1990 MLB June Amateur Draft from Deer Park HS (Deer Park, TX).

When did Andy Pettitte use HGH?

Pettitte is among three players to come forward and admit to using performance-enhancing drugs since the Mitchell report was released. On Friday, during his radio show in Sacramento, F. P. Santangelo acknowledged that he took H.G.H., and Gary Bennett told The Washington Post on Friday that he used H.G.H. in 2003.

How many pickoffs did Andy Pettitte have?

New York Yankees (. 724), and was 8th in the AL in ERA (3.87). In 1997, Pettitte led the league in starts (35), pickoffs (14), and double plays induced (36), and was 3rd in the league in innings (240.3; a career high), 4th in ERA (2.88), wins (18), and W-L pct.

Where is Andy Pettitte from?

Baton Rouge, LAAndy Pettitte / Place of birth

How old is Andy Pettitte?

49 years (June 15, 1972)Andy Pettitte / Age

Did Andy Petite take steroids?

Andy Pettitte was tossed into the ring of baseball’s PED users when his named surfaced in the Mitchell Report in 2007. The report, an excerpt of which can be seen on SI.com, said Pettitte had used human growth hormone in 2002 as part of an effort to recover from elbow tendinitis.

How tall is Buehrle?

6′ 2″Mark Buehrle / Height

Is HGH illegal?

HGH is considered a controlled substance by the Food and Drug Administration. Using HGH for a condition that isn’t approved, such as building muscle or as an anti-aging treatment in older adults, is illegal.

Does Andy Pettitte have a wife?

As a left-handed pitcher, Pettitte had an exceptional pickoff move to first base, allowing him to record 98 career pickoffs. Pettitte met his wife Laura in high school. They have four children; Joshua Blake, Jared, Lexy Grace, and Luke.

What year did Andy Pettitte start?

Pettitte was drafted by the Yankees organization in 1990, and he signed with them roughly a year later. After debuting in the major leagues in 1995, Pettitte finished third in voting for the American League (AL) Rookie of the Year Award. In 1996, he led the AL with 21 wins and was runner-up for the AL Cy Young Award.

Is Andy Pettitte in the Hall of Fame?

On February 16, 2015, the Yankees announced that they would be retiring Pettitte’s number 46 on August 23, 2015. When the National Baseball Hall of Fame ballot for 2019 was announced, Pettitte and former teammate Mariano Rivera were two of 20 players appearing on the ballot for the first time.

What happened to Andy Pettitte with the Yankees?

After spending nine seasons with the Yankees—a stint in which he won at least 12 games each season—Pettitte signed with the Astros in 2004. He rejoined the Yankees in 2007 and later that season admitted to using human growth hormone to recover from an elbow injury in 2002.