Who is Brittany Rogers?

Brittany Rogers (born June 8, 1993) is a Canadian artistic gymnast who competed at the 2012 Summer Olympics. She attended the University of Georgia and competed for the Georgia Gym Dogs….

Brittany Rogers
College team Georgia Gym Dogs (2013–16)
Head coach(es) Cody Casey and Janna Ball

Why did Ellie Black pull out of the Olympics?

Gymnast sprained her left ankle during training on Tuesday Canadian gymnast Ellie Black has withdrawn from the women’s all-around final scheduled for Thursday after she reinjured her left ankle, which she originally sprained less than a month before the start of these Tokyo Olympics.

Where was Brittany Rogers born?

New Westminster, CanadaBrittany Rogers / Place of birthNew Westminster is a city in the Lower Mainland region of British Columbia, Canada, and a member municipality of the Metro Vancouver Regional District. Wikipedia

What happened to Ellie blacks ankle?

Canada’s Ellie Black wasn’t sure she would be able to compete in the balance beam final — or compete, period — at these Tokyo Olympics. She teared up as she talked about how proud she was to hit a routine on a sprained left ankle.

Did Ellie Black qualify?

At the 2016 Olympic Games, Black finished 5th in the individual all-around. At the 2020 Olympic Games, Black placed 4th in the balance beam final, the highest placement in the Olympics for a Canadian gymnast….

Ellie Black
Choreographer Julia Spivak
Music “Guerilleros” by Maxime Rodriguez
World ranking 2 (2014–2015)

What happened to Ellie Black at the Olympics?

TOKYO – Canadian gymnast Ellie Black has withdrawn from Thursday’s all-around final event at Tokyo Olympics with an ankle injury. Canadian Olympic Committee chief sport officer Eric Myles said in a release that Black sprained her ankle during a training session Tuesday.

Who inspired Ellie Black?

But while she takes great pride in her accomplishments when wearing the maple leaf, Black is also driven by the younger gymnasts who look up to her and tell her she’s their inspiration. Even after two Olympic Games, hearing those words never gets old.

What happened to Ellie Blacks ankle?

Did Ellie Black qualify for the Olympics?

During qualifications Black helped Canada place fifth, thereby qualifying Canada a team to the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. Individually she qualified to the all-around and balance beam finals.