Who is Costas Mandylor married to?

Victoria Ramosm. 2013
Talisa Sotom. 1997–2000
Costas Mandylor/Spouse

Who is Costas Mandylor’s brother?

Louis MandylorCostas Mandylor / BrotherLouis Mandylor is an Australian film and television actor. Mandylor played Nick Portokalos in My Big Fat Greek Wedding, a role he reprised in the sequel My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. Wikipedia

How old is Louis Mandylor?

55 years (September 13, 1966)Louis Mandylor / Age

What ethnicity is Costas Mandylor?

Costas Mandylor (born Konstantinos Theodosopoulos; 3 September 1965) is an Australian actor and former footballer of Greek descent. He is best known for his role as Kenny in Picket Fences and for portraying Mark Hoffman in the Saw films.

Where is Talisa Soto now?

The couple currently lives in Los Angeles. Talisa and Benjamin had a baby girl on December 6, 2002 in New York City. Her name is Sophia Rosalinda Bratt.

How old is Talisa Soto?

55 years (March 27, 1967)Talisa Soto / Age

Where is Louis Mandylor from?

Melbourne, AustraliaLouis Mandylor / Place of birth

Where is Costas Mandylor from?

Melbourne, AustraliaCostas Mandylor / Place of birth

Does Louis Mandylor have a brother?

Costas MandylorLouis Mandylor / Brother

Where was Louis Mandylor born?

Who plays Mark Hoffman in Saw?

Costas MandylorMark Hoffman / Played by

Is Talisa Soto married?

Benjamin Brattm. 2002
Costas Mandylorm. 1997–2000
Talisa Soto/Spouse

What was the ultimate goal of Mandalore the ultimate?

Mandalore the Ultimate’s goal was to build the greatest mass of warriors the galaxy would ever see, and he had no ties to the rather famed Republic. This made it all the more easier for the Sith to convince Mandalore into invading the Republic and test their might. As a result, Mandalore started a new crusade in 3976 BBY.

Who is the ultimate Mandalorian?

―Mandalore the Ultimate [src] Mandalore the Ultimate led the Mandalorians during the Mandalorian Wars. One of the last Taung to claim the Mandalore title, and known to some as the Great Shadow Father, he sought to lift his people from the hole of betrayal and humiliation that plagued them since the Great Sith War.

Could Mandalore have beaten Revan?

But while Mandalore was a valiant fighter, he could not overcome the Jedi’s greatest champion of all, having died in his last stand against Revan. Being a Taung, Mandalore also possessed extreme amounts of physical endurance. “Ha! I was the best! Except for Mandalore of course. He was the only person alive except Revan who could have beat me.”

How did Mandalore defeat the Republic?

Splitting his forces, Mandalore simultaneously attacked Taris and the nearby planet Vanquo, thereby forcing the Republic defenders, under the command of Admirals Jimas Veltraa and Noma Sommos, to divide their efforts, causing them both to be defeated.