Who is Mr Anil Baijal?

Anil Baijal is a retired Central Government Civil Servant of the Indian Administrative Service cadre and is the 21st Lieutenant Governor of Delhi. He took over office on 31 December 2016 after the sudden resignation of Najeeb Jung.

Who is the current LG of Delhi?

Shri Anil Baijal
Shri Anil Baijal took over as the 21st Lt. Governor, Government of N.C.T. of Delhi on 31st December, 2016.

Who is the LG of India 2021?

Anil Baijal
Incumbent The current Lieutenant Governor is Anil Baijal, a former Union Home Secretary.

Who appoints LG of Delhi?

The Lieutenant Governor of Delhi is appointed by the President of India., as agent of President and head of state like governor, on the advice of the Central government. This state government is called the Government of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (Government of NCT of Delhi or simply Government of Delhi).

What is the full form of Lt Governor?

Lt Gov in British English abbreviation for. lieutenant governor. Collins English Dictionary.

Who was first CM of Delhi?

List of chief ministers of Delhi

Chief Minister of the National Capital Territory of Delhi
Inaugural holder Chaudhary Brahm Prakash Yadav
Formation 17 March 1952
Deputy Manish Sisodia
Salary ₹390,000 (US$5,100)/monthly ₹4,680,000 (US$61,000)/annually

Who is Umang Narula?

Umang Narula, IAS | The Administration of Union Territory of Ladakh | India.

Who is CM of Puducherry?

List of chief ministers of Puducherry

Chief Minister of Union Territory of Puducherry
Incumbent N. Rangaswamy since 7 May 2021
Chief Minister’s Office
Style The Honourable (formal) Mr. Chief Minister (informal)
Status Head of Government

Who controls Delhi MCD?

The Government of India
The Government of India is nearly the sole landowner and also owns about eighty percent of the buildings in the New Delhi Municipal Council area. Private ownership of property in this area.

What is the full form of SG?

Sanspareils Greenlands

Industry Sporting goods
Founded 1931
Founder Kedarnath Anand
Headquarters Meerut, Uttar Pradesh, India
Area served Worldwide

What LG means?

Lucky Goldstar was renamed to LG in 1995. It is often thought that LG stands for “Life’s Good,” but this is the company’s advertising tagline rather than an expansion of its name.