Who is Sue White in Green Wing?


Year Title Role
2005 Murder in Suburbia Anita Green
2004–2005 Carrie and Barry Michelle
2004–2007 Green Wing Sue White
2006 Feel the Force Sally Bobbins

How did Green Wing end?

Mac defends himself by saying it would be better for her to marry Guy because he will live longer. Guy later decides to do the right thing, and tells Mac to propose to Caroline because they love each other. Caroline and Mac therefore become engaged and later marry, where the majority of the core cast are in attendance.

Does Mac have a son Green Wing?

Holly returns to East Hampton as a paediatrics registrar, taking over Angela’s job when she leaves. She claimed to have never had the abortion, and that Mackenzie is Mac’s son, prompting him to leave Caroline to look after ‘his son’, however he doesn’t quite get back together with Holly, who seems to irritate him.

Is Green Wing funny?

I miss this show so much. There aren’t many comedies out there that you still find yourself chuckling about 10 years after they’ve finished. The British hospital-based sitcom Green Wing was short but incredibly, incredibly sweet.

Do Caroline and Mac get together in Green Wing?

During series two, Mac discovers that he has cancer and only has a few months to live. He takes a month off work but returns to find Guy and Caroline engaged. Guy then allows Caroline to marry Mac, who she truly loves, and the series ends with their wedding.

Where can I watch Green Wing?

Watch Green Wing | Prime Video.

Is Green Wing worth watching?

One of the few series that is as enjoyable to watch as a repeat as there is so much crammed into each scene it just never gets boring. The funniest show ever! Watched it when it came out and sat down in lockdown to see if it had stood the test of time – with three kids who were 0, 3 and 5 when it came out.

Who was Mark Heap in Benidorm?

Malcolm Barrett
Heap also starred in recent series of the sitcom Benidorm, in which he played the character Malcolm Barrett, the controlling and manipulative boyfriend of Pauline Maltby. Heap’s 2020 roles continues with playing headmaster and husband in ITV’s The Trouble with Maggie Cole alongside Dawn French.