Who is the chancellor of Syracuse University?

Kent Syverud
Kent Syverud is Chancellor and President of Syracuse University. Appointed by the University’s Board of Trustees in September 2013, he assumed the leadership post in January 2014, becoming the 12th leader of the University since its founding in 1870.

How much does Syracuse University Chancellor make?

Kent Syverud, Chancellor Syverud received $704,159 in base salary. He also reported $176,500 in deferred compensation that he will receive after completing his contract.

Who is the Dean of Syracuse University?

About the Dean As the head of the College, Dean Ruhlandt is responsible for the efficient and innovative operation of 16 academic departments within Syracuse University’s oldest and largest academic unit.

Who is provost of Syracuse University?

Gretchen Ritter
Gretchen Ritter is the Vice Chancellor, Provost and Chief Academic Officer at Syracuse University.

Who makes the most money at Syracuse University?

Syracuse University head football coach Dino Babers was the university’s highest-paid employee in 2018, earning about $3.1 million in total compensation. Babers’ total compensation of $3,146,177 came with a $950,000 bonus on top of his roughly $2.1 million base salary.

Who runs Syracuse University?

Under the leadership of Kent Syverud, our 12th Chancellor and President, Syracuse is recognized as a student-focused global research university renowned for its academic rigor, richly diverse learning experiences and spirit of discovery.

Is a chancellor the same as a president?

In the United States, heads of colleges and universities are typically called “president.” A multi-campus university system may be headed by a chancellor who serves as systemwide chief, with presidents governing individual institutions.

What is Dino Babers salary?

$3.5 million
As part of that extension, Dino Baber’s base salary was increased to $3.5 million from $2.1 million.