Who is the owner of Kingdom Holding Company?

Al-Waleed bin Talal
Kingdom Holding Company

Type Joint Stock Company
Revenue 1,759,917,000 Saudi riyal (2019)
Total assets 48,370,443,000 Saudi riyal (2019)
Owner Al-Waleed bin Talal (95%)
Website www.kingdom.com.sa

What does the Kingdom Holding Company Do?

Description. Kingdom Holding Co is an investment holding company with its operations based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The principal activities are Equity investment, Private Equity, Hotel management and operation, commercial services, Real estate, Healthcare, and other segment.

What is Alwaleed bin Talal worth?

In November 2017 Forbes listed Al Waleed as the 7th-richest man in the world with a net worth of $39.8 billion….

Al Waleed bin Talal Al Saud
Born 7 March 1955 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Nationality Saudi Arabian
Alma mater Menlo College Syracuse University

How do I contact Al Waleed bin Talal?

Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation

  1. Address: P.O. Box 33, Riyadh 11321, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  2. Telephone: + 966 1 4881111.
  3. Fax: + 966 1 4881112.
  4. Website: http://www.alwaleedfoundations.org.
  5. Secretary General: Muna Abu Sulayman.

How do I contact Waleed bin Talal?

What does Waleed bin Talal own?

Kingdom Holding
Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Al Saud is the founder of Kingdom Holding, a conglomerate that has stakes in hotels, real estate and equities. The Riyadh-based group’s publicly traded investments include Citigroup, Snap, Lyft and Twitter.

How rich is the Saud family?

around $1.4 trillion
As of 2020, the combined net worth of the entire royal family has been estimated at around $1.4 trillion, which makes them the richest royal family among all monarchs, as well as one of the wealthiest families in the world.