Who is the white haired man in revenge?

Gordon Murphy

Biographical Information
Cause of Death: Shot in the back by Aiden Mathis
Alias: The White-Haired Man
Occupation: Assassin
Organization: Americon Initiative

Who shot Daniel on the beach in revenge?

Katherine Black
Daniel Grayson

Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Atonement
Time of Death: Summer 2014
Cause of Death: Shot in the chest by Katherine Black, while protecting Emily

What episode is sacrifice in revenge?

Episode 14
Sacrifice (Revenge)

Episode no. Season 2 Episode 14
Directed by Stefan Schwartz
Written by Mark B. Perry and Joe Fazzio
Original air date February 17, 2013

Who does Nolan marry?

Nolan Ross is married…to a woman! Yes, you heard – and saw – right and if you watched last night’s Revenge episode you know that Nolan Ross (Gabriel Mann), who we’ve seen play on both sides of the sexuality fence in the past four seasons of the soap, tied the knot with Southern wacko Louise Elliot (Elena Satine).

Does David apologize to Nolan?

Nolan was slandered and threatened by someone he looked up to. Going after Louise seems like the only solution for both of them, until David apologizes to Nolan.

Is Stevie Grayson Declan’s mother?

Declan and Jack were originally assumed to share the same mother as well as father and they both thought that as well, but it was later revealed that Stevie Grayson is Jack’s biological mother.

Who gets blamed for Tyler’s death?

Tyler Barrol

Biographical Information
Cause of Death: Shot in the back by Satoshi Takeda
Occupation: Grayson Global employee (formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Male

Why does Aiden turn against Emily?

He becomes allies with Victoria Grayson, telling her that he will help her destroy Emily Thorne, claiming that he only wants revenge for the hurt that Emily caused him. In “Confession”, Aiden accompanies Victoria to Nolan’s housewarming party to suprise Emily.

Does Emily Thorne get her revenge?

Emily was desperate to end her revenge and Victoria seemed to have nothing to lose. David shot Victoria to prevent Emily from becoming a murderer, but as expected, the Grayson matriarch fought to the last breath, shooting Emily before she died.