Who left channel 13 news albany ny?

Emily Burkhard is leaving WNYT/NewsChannel 13 after three years with the station. Journalist Emily Burkhard left WNYT after three years at the station. Her last day was June 18.

What happened to Phil Bayly?

Phil Bayly, who retired from WNYT in 2017, is now an author. Phil Bayly’s latest novel, “Back Dirt.”

Where did Emily Devito go?

She’s accepted a role as communications manager for CDTA. “This will be my final week at WNYT. I never thought I would step away from news. It truly is my passion,” wrote De Vito on social media.

Where did benita Zahn go?

Benita Zahn says she’s leaving Albany, N.Y. NBC affiliate WNYT, after more than 40 years, to become a health coach. “I have been studying to become a certified health coach and I will be working with a local practice. This is not, you know, ‘I’m going to help you lose 20 pounds,’” Zahn told viewers Tuesday night.

Is Emily De Vito related to Danny DeVito?

He asked if I was related to Danny DeVito. That’s a question I get a lot. I am not.

Where is Emily De Vito Channel 13?

My name is Emily De Vito, and I am currently an anchor and reporter at WNYT NewsChannel 13 in Albany, New York. I started working in Albany in September 2017. I started off as news producer and I have been able to transition into a role I really love, which is anchoring and reporting.

Where is Karen tararache?

Now she’s headed back to the 24-hour cable news station, but in a new role. Tararache will work behind-the-scenes overseeing a team of reporters and multi-media journalists as a senior managing editor.

Who left Channel 13 news Schenectady?

After more than four years with the station, Jerry Gretzinger is leaving WNYT.

Where did Emily DeVito go?

Who are Tori DeVito’s parents?

Torrey is the daughter of rock drummer Liberty DeVitto and his spouse Mary DeVitto.

Where did Emily De Vito go?

Did Emily De Vito have twins?

👶 🍼 SPECIAL DELIVERY: NewsChannel 13’s Emily De Vito has given birth to TWINS! Meet Sloane and Declan, who turn one week old on Saturday. Mom, dad, and the babies are doing well.