Who lived in Clandon house?

The Onslows
History. Clandon Park was a family home for centuries. The Onslows arrived in 1641 and replaced the original house in the early 1700s with this stunning example of fashionable Palladianism.

Who owned Clandon Park?

How the Onslows came to Clandon. The first record of the Onslow family appears in the 12th century. Eventually Roger Onslow moved to London to further the family wool business. Years later his grandson, another Richard, purchased Clandon Park.

When did Clandon house burned down?

April 29, 2015
On April 29, 2015, a devastating fire engulfed historic Clandon Park, reducing one of Britain’s most recognisable National Trust mansions to little more than a shell.

Did uppark burn down?

By Peter Pearce, Chief Executive of the Edward James Foundation. In 1989 Uppark burned down. At the time, I was the National Trust’s Managing Land Agent for its West Sussex properties, and Uppark was my responsibility.

Does anyone live at uppark?

After World War II, Admiral Meade-Fetherstonhaugh and his son, Richard, entered into negotiations with the National Trust, the outcome being that Uppark passed to the Trust in 1954. The house is open to the public, except for private apartments leased from the Trust that are still used as a home.

Who owns uppark house?

the National Trust
Uppark is a beautiful 17th century mansion built on high ground above South Harting. From this spectacular position, Uppark commands exceptional views to the south. It’s a really magical spot. Uppark House and Gardens are run by the National Trust and are a very popular West Sussex visitor attraction.

Does anyone live at Uppark?

Did Uppark burn down?

What is the history of Clandon Park House?

Clandon Park House is an early 18th-century grade I listed Palladian mansion in West Clandon, near Guildford in Surrey. It stands in the south east corner of Clandon Park, a 220-hectare (540-acre) agricultural parkland estate which has been the seat of the Earls of Onslow for over two centuries.

Is the garden at Clandon Park open?

The garden at Clandon Park is now open. You can visit every day between 11am and 4pm. There’s no need to book a ticket, but parking is limited. The area looked after by the National Trust at Clandon Park is made up of the house and a seven-acre garden.

How do I get to Clandon Park from Clandon station?

Clandon Station (CLA), Station Road, West Clandon, GU4 7TE is 1 mile from Clandon Park. It is situated on the London Waterloo to Guildford mainline. There is no taxi rank at this station. Walking from Clandon station will take approximately 15-20 minutes.

Who is involved in the Clandon Park project?

Our project has drawn from the wealth of expertise and specialisms available within the National Trust. From Curators and Conservators to Building Surveyors and Project Managers, meet some of the dedicated team working to achieve our goals. Follow our progress on the Clandon Park project.