Who was Dr Daniel Hale Williams for kids?

African American surgeon Daniel Hale Williams is credited with performing the world’s first successful heart surgery. He also founded Provident Hospital in Chicago, Illinois, the country’s first hospital owned and run by African Americans. Williams was born on January 18, 1858, in Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania.

Who did Daniel Hale Williams marry?

Alice Johnson
Williams was married in 1898 to Alice Johnson, natural daughter of American sculptor Moses Jacob Ezekiel and a biracial maid. He was a Catholic, baptized by Joseph Eckert, SVD on his deathbed. He left $2,500 (worth $44,686 in 2021) in his will to St.

Who did Daniel Hale Williams do surgery on?

Daniel Hale Williams cut a small hole into Cornish’s chest using a scalpel. He then repaired a severed artery and a tear in the sac surrounding the heart. Cornish lived another 20 years, and Williams became known as one of the first doctors in the world to perform a successful open-heart surgery.

Who was Dr Hale Williams?

Daniel Hale Williams, (born January 18, 1858, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania, U.S.—died August 4, 1931, Idlewild, Michigan), American physician and founder of Provident Hospital in Chicago, credited with the first successful heart surgery. Williams graduated from Chicago Medical College in 1883.

Who did the first successful heart surgery?

Williams largely improvised during the successful surgery With six doctors watching him, Williams applied early anesthesia and began carefully exploring Cornish’s chest cavity. He discovered a damaged left internal mammary artery, stitched it up with a suture and found a stab wound near the right coronary artery.

What school did Daniel Hale go to?

Northwestern University Feinberg School of MedicineDaniel Hale Williams / Education (1880–1883)

Who was the first black female to perform open heart surgery?

Myra Adele Logan

Myra Adele Logan
Born 1908 Tuskegee, Alabama, US
Died January 13, 1977 (aged 68–69) New York City, US
Education New York Medical College Columbia University (MS) Atlanta University (1927)
Known for first woman to perform open heart surgery