Who was in Back Street Crawler?

Back Street Crawler (band)

Back Street Crawler
Years active 1975–1976
Labels Atlantic Records
Associated acts Paul Kossoff, Crawler, Free
Past members Paul Kossoff Terry Slesser Terry Wilson Tony Braunagel Mike Montgomery John Bundrick

Who is in the band crawler?

Geoff WhitehornGuitar
Paul Kossoff

Was Steve Winwood Free?

Bassist Andy Fraser formed Sharks. Free in Amsterdam with Steve Winwood, 1970. Left to right: Winwood, Andy Fraser, Paul Rodgers, Simon Kirke, Paul Kossoff. Free became renowned for their live shows and non-stop touring.

Who was the lead singer for Bad Company?

Paul Rodgers
Brian HoweRobert Hart
Bad Company/Lead singers

What do you mean by crawlers?

Definition of crawler 1 : one that crawls. 2 : a vehicle (such as a crane) that travels on endless chain belts.

Where are the band crawlers?

CRAWLERS are a four-piece rock band from Liverpool, writing songs together with a number of influences such as Muse, Queens of the Stone Age and Nirvana to create a sound like no other. From playing for such a little time and already been on a tour of the NORTH OF ENGLAND, this is a band to watch.

Who is Paul Rodgers wife?

Cynthia Kerelukm. 2007
Machiko Shimizum. 1971–1996
Paul Rodgers/Wife
On 26 September 2007 in Canada’s Okanagan Valley, Rodgers married Cynthia Kereluk, a former Miss Canada, model, exercise physiologist and artist.

Why did Paul Rodgers leave Bad Company?

Bad Company earned six platinum albums until Rodgers left in 1982, stating that he wanted to spend time with his young family.

Why did Brian Howe leave Bad Company?

The band’s hit albums “Dangerous Age” and “Holy Water,” and how their success ultimately led to him leaving Bad Company in 1994. “That’s hard work for new singers, sometimes, to take over the mantle of a previous guy,” he says. “But we did it (with “Dangerous Age” in 1988).