Who was the MC for SBS Inkigayo?

Jihoon Sungchan Yujin

Logo used since April 2018
Also known as The Music Trend
Genre Music
Presented by Jihoon Sungchan Yujin

Does SBS have Inkigayo?

SBS has Inkigayo, KBS has Music Bank, MBC has Show! Music Core (also known simply as Music Core), Mnet has M Countdown, MBC M has Show Champion and SBS MTV has The Show.

What is the meaning of SBS Inkigayo?

Inkigayo (인기가요, literally meaning “popular music”) is a weekly music show broadcast by SBS.

What is Triple Crown in Kpop?

noun; an ‘award’ given by Mnet M! Countdown to songs that have won first place on their countdowns for three weeks in a row. After a song wins a Triple Crown, it is taken out of the running for #1 for the duration of the artist’s promotion cycle.

When did Sungchan become an MC?

SBS announces new Inkigayo MC The channel on February 18, announced that Nct’s Sungchan, Treasure’s Jihoon and IZ*ONE’s An Yu Jin will be replacing the old hosts of the music show and will start hosting the show from March.

What is Triple Crown in K-pop?

Which K-pop group has the most music show wins?

List of the total amount of music show wins by every kpop artist

Position Winner Wins
1st BTS 152
2nd TWICE 119
3rd EXO 117
4th Girls’ Generation 98

Why is Lisa not in Inkigayo?

According to Lisa’s fans, YG had no proper promotion for Lisa’s first solo album leading her to lose the Inkigayo top spot to singer Lee Mu Jin. International fans of Lisa have also come to her aid regarding the results of the most recent episode of Inkigayo.

Who won Inkigayo 2021?

Aespa (pictured) received their first ever music show win with their Inkigayo trophy for “Black Mamba.” Their succeeding single “Savage” earned the highest score of 2021, with 10,699 points on the October 17th broadcast, and achieved the group’s first Triple Crown.

How many awards have EXO won?

Overall, Exo has received 178 awards from 319 nominations.