Who won NCAA championship in 2015?

Duke Blue Devils
Duke defeated Wisconsin in the championship game, 68–63….2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.

Season 2014–15
Champions Duke Blue Devils (5th title, 11th title game, 16th Final Four)
Runner-up Wisconsin Badgers (2nd title game, 4th Final Four)

Who did Duke beat in the National championship 2015?

The 2015 NCAA tournament came to a thrilling close Monday night after Duke held off Wisconsin 68-63 to complete its national title run.

What is the biggest blowout in NCAA tournament history?

Let’s look at five of the biggest blowouts in NCAA Tournament history.

  • Connecticut 103, Chattanooga 56 (2009)
  • Kansas 110, Prairie View A&M 52 (1998)
  • UNLV 103, Duke 73 (1990)
  • Villanova 95, Oklahoma 51 (2016)
  • Loyola-Chicago 111, Tennessee Tech 42 (1963)

When did Duke beat Wisconsin in basketball?

Duke hit two foul shots and Wisconsin did not score again for a 68–63 final margin….2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Game.

Wisconsin Badgers Duke Blue Devils
Head coach: Bo Ryan Head coach: Mike Krzyzewski
AP: 3 Coaches: 3 AP: 4 Coaches: 5

When did UK go undefeated?

Their 38–1 record (. 974 winning percentage) is the best by a team that did not finish undefeated. After finishing as the National Runner-up in the 2014 NCAA Tournament, the expectations for this team were high….2014–15 Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball team.

2014–15 Kentucky Wildcats men’s basketball
Head coach John Calipari (6th season)

Who has the most losses in March Madness?

Not surprisingly, 1985 Villanova — the ultimate Cinderella — owns the distinction of the worst record among championship teams. After winning eight straight to start the season, the Wildcats lost six of their last 11.

What is the lowest seed for March Madness?

Lowest seeds to win the NCAA Tournament 8 seed to win a title, but also the lowest seed ever to win a national championship. The lowest seed ever to reach the Final Four is an 11 seed, which has happened five times — LSU (1986), George Mason (2006), VCU (2011), Loyola Chicago (2018) and UCLA (2021).

Who won NCAA in 2016?

Villanova won its second national championship in 2016, edging North Carolina on a 3-pointer from Kris Jenkins as time expired.