Why are curved needles used for suturing?

Straight needles are used when suturing easily accessible tissue with direct finger held manipulation. Curved needles, ranging from 1/8 circle to 5/8 circle can be used for everything from basic skin closure to cardiovascular and ophthalmic procedures.

What is silk suture used for?

Silk sutures are intended for use in general soft tissue closing and/or ligation; especially in general surgery, skin closure, ophthalmic surgery, oral surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, gynaecology, obstetrics.

What does 2 0 sutures mean?

Size refers to diameter of the suture strand. the larger the suture diameter, the relatively stronger it is. measured in metric units (tenths of a millimeter) or by a numeric scale standardized by USP regulations. USP scale runs from 11-0 (smallest) to #7 (largest) zeros are written as 2-0 for 00 and 3-0 for 000, etc.

What is a half curved needle used for?

Curved Suture Needles are designed for closing skin wounds. These Cutting Needles are accurately centered which provides large eyes for easy threading. Sharp and durable points on these Surgeon’s Needles provide great tissue penetration.

What are the different suture needle shapes?

The most common shapes are:

  • Quarter circle:
  • One-half circle:
  • Three- eighths circle:
  • Five-eighths circle:
  • One-half curved (ski needle):
  • j shape needle:
  • Compound curved needles:
  • Straight needle:

Are silk sutures still used?

Silk is the most commonly used non-absorbable suture and may be preferred by some surgeons because it is easy to handle. It is mainly used in ophthalmology but might also be applied in cardiovascular or neurological procedures.

What is the diameter of a 2-0 suture?


USP designation Collagen diameter (mm) Synthetic absorbable diameter (mm)
5-0 0.15 0.1
4-0 0.2 0.15
3-0 0.3 0.2
2-0 0.35 0.3