Why are Kydex sheaths good?

The greatest asset of Kydex is its durability. Whether submerged in salt water or exposed to different environments, Kydex will hold up fairly well. On the other side, one of the major disadvantages of Kydex is that unlike the classier leather, Kydex is nothing to look at.

Do Kydex sheaths scratch knives?

Kydex cannot scratch knives. However if there is debris inside the kydex sheath, some of it may be hard enough to scratch the blade.

How durable is Kydex?

How tough is kydex? A relatively hard thermoplastic, Kydex has a hardness of 90 (!) on the Rockwell R scale (gun barrels are typically 26-40 Rockwell). This hardness, combined with a grained surface, increases its abrasion resistance.

Do plastic sheaths dull knives?

Short answer: No. Long answer: If the sheath is pressed crooked, the sheath is pressed only on one side on a center ground blade, or the edge of the knife isn’t centered for whatever reason and drags anywhere besides the seam, the yes.

Is leather good for knife sheaths?

While you can make a knife sheath from any type of heavy leather, vegetable tanned leather, or russet as it is commonly known, will make the best sheath.

Is KYDEX easy to cut?

KYDEX® sheet can easily be cut and machined with conventional wood working and sheet metal shop tools; special tools designed for plastic fabrication are not necessary.

Which is better leather or KYDEX?

It really comes down to personal preference which is better. Kydex holsters come out on top when it comes to retention and reholstering. Leather holsters take the crown when it comes to comfort and style.

Is KYDEX waterproof?

Despite the differences in manufacturing methods, the finished product (mostly) functions the same. Both adequately retain a handgun, though Kydex tends to fit model variations slightly better. Both retain their shape and are waterproof with the ability to easily wash dirt, sweat and grime away.

How thick should a knife sheath be?

Rule of thumb: 8 ounce leather is 1/8″ thick, and you can figure out from there.