Why are there no Saturday morning cartoons anymore?

This action, combined with the later U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) requirements that broadcast networks air at least three hours of E/I programming a week, guaranteed the end of Saturday morning cartoons since the vast majority of people dismissed them as non-educational.

What are the top 10 cartoon shows?

The 25 greatest animated shows of all time

  • 1 of 25. “Bojack Horseman” Netflix.
  • 2 of 25. “Family Guy” Fox.
  • 3 of 25. “Batman: The Animated Series” Warner Bros.
  • 4 of 25. “South Park” Comedy Central.
  • 5 of 25. “Gravity Falls” Disney.
  • 6 of 25. “Doug” Nickelodeon.
  • 7 of 25. “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”
  • 8 of 25. “The Venture Bros.”

What is the best cartoon ever made?

Number 1: Avatar: The Last Airbender Avatar: The Last Airbender is easily one of the best things you will ever watch. It has heart, humor, and action and delivers it all through the most amazing, three-dimensional cast of characters.

What are some classic Saturday morning cartoons?

Watch Bugs Bunny and Friends on MeTV!

  • ABC: Yogi | Bugs | Hong Kong Phooey | New Adventures of Gilligan | Korg | Super Friends.
  • CBS: Speed Buggy | Scooby-Doo | Partridge Family 2200 A.D. | Valley of the Dinosaurs | Shazam!
  • NBC: Wheelie and the Chopper Bunch | Land of the Lost | Star Trek | The Jetsons.

How can I watch old Saturday morning cartoons?

Thankfully, there are plenty of sites that can come to your rescue. If you want to watch classic cartoons, keep reading….We’re going to explain how to watch old cartoons online.

  1. Boomerang.
  2. WB Kids.
  3. DC Kids.
  4. Toonami Aftermath.
  5. DisneyNow.
  6. TopCartoons.tv.
  7. Internet Archive.
  8. Hulu.

Will Saturday morning cartoons come back?

Overall, Saturday morning cartoons are no longer a thing, and aren’t coming back: Cable TV, streaming services, and home video mean cartoons are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

What is the best cartoon to watch on Saturday morning?

15 Best Saturday Morning Cartoons From The ’90s 1 Goof Troop. 2 Marsupilami. 3 Taz-Mania. 4 Tiny Toon Adventures. 5 Freakazoid! 6 Darkwing Duck. 7 Bobby’s World. 8 Pinky and the Brain. 9 Recess. 10 The Tick.

Why do we Love Saturday morning cartoons so much?

These Saturday morning cartoons made the biggest impact, not just at that time, but right up to this very day. It’s the perfect excuse for someone to invent a time machine so that fans can all go back and experience those memorable cartoon shows, the way they were meant to be seen.

Is bears a good Saturday morning cartoon?

This was one of the few ultra-cute Saturday morning cartoons to appeal to both girls and boys alike. This was a show that had no ill will to spread around; only friendship and compassion for others. Its principal antagonists were just as charming as the Bears themselves, which is a testament to how they were written.

What was the name of the gorilla on Saturday morning cartoon?

Following its popularity, the character appeared in his own Saturday morning cartoon on CBS during the 1993-1994 Fall to Spring season. Each episode featured Marsupilami and his friend Maurice the gorilla outsmarting a dimwitted human named Norman or evading Eduardo the leopard, who was always trying to eat the titular character.