Why do iPhone text Messages beep twice?

You can blame the default Repeat Alerts setting in iOS for this. This is set to repeat alerts once for the Messages app, meaning you’ll get a second alert for the same message two minutes after the first one. To avoid this repeated alert, you need to mark the message as read.

How do I get my iPhone to stop beeping twice when I text?

Go to Settings > Notifications > Messages and scroll down. Select Repeat Alerts and then change it from Once to Never, or however many times you want the alert to repeat.

How do I turn off the second text alert on my iPhone?

How to turn off double message alerts on iPhone

  1. Step 1: Tap on the Settings icon from the Home screen.
  2. Steps 2 & 3: Tap on Notification. Scroll down and tap on Messages.
  3. Steps 4 & 5: Scroll down and tap on Repeat Alerts. Tap on Never to disable double notifications.

Why are my text coming through twice?

Users of all types of phones do at times receive duplicate messages. It is typically the result of a safeguard carriers implement when they think there may have been a service disruption. Sometimes duplicate messages can also be produced by the destination carrier when the recipient is roaming.

Why do I receive the same text message twice?

If you have issues with receiving duplicate MMS, this could be related to your internet connection or the sender’s internet connection. If the upload/download speed of either of your phone is slow, then you might receive duplicate MMSs.

Why do I get texts twice?

Why does ring alert twice?

I am receiving double notifications from both my SmartHome and Ring apps, how do I stop this? In order to prevent double push notifications and alerts from both your Ring app and your Smarthome app you’ll need to go into your Ring application and disable notifications.

Why do I receive text messages twice?

Why do I get so many Ring notifications?

Ring Doorbell operates using motion sensors that trigger Motion Alerts anytime people, animals, or vehicles pass by your door.

How do I turn off Rich notification Ring?

Turning off your Ring notifications on Android is similar, but with a few different steps.

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Find the App Manager.
  3. Tap on the Ring app.
  4. Turn off notifications.

How can you tell if someone is watching your Ring camera?

There isn’t any way to know if someone is watching you on a Ring cameraat least not through physical observation. However, it’s possible you could see the infrared light at night turn on if the camera is activeassuming the night vision is on and you’re at the correct angle to view it.