Why does diazonium salt decompose?

Another common reaction pathway is to undergo a coupling reaction to form a diazo compound. Diazonium salts in general are high energy materials that can decompose violently either by heating or by mechanical force (shock-sensitive), so in that sense, they may be considered self-reactive.

How benzene diazonium salts are formed?

One of the most common methods of preparation of diazonium salt is by reacting nitrous acid with aromatic amines. The reaction of aniline (aromatic amine) with nitrous acid results in the diazonium salt formation that is benzene diazonium chloride.

What are the reactions of diazonium salts given?

This reaction is commonly known as the Sandmeyer reaction. 2. Replacement by iodide ion: It is not easy to introduce iodine in the benzene ring directly. But when diazonium salt solution is treated with potassium iodide, iodobenzene is formed.

Why benzene diazonium salt is not much stable?

Due to resonance there is a dispersal of positive charge on the benzene ring. This resonance accounts for the stability of the diazonium ion. Hence, diazonium salts of aromatic amines are more stable than those of aliphatic amines.

Why diazonium salts are unstable?

Stability of diazonium salts The instability of alkanediazonium salts is due to their tendency to eliminate an exceptionally stable molecule of nitrogen to form carbocations i.e, aliphaticdiazoniumsaltR−N≡NX−→AlkylcarbocationR++N≡N+X−.

How is benzene formed?

Benzene is prepared from ethyne by the process of cyclic polymerization. In this process, Ethyne is passed through a red-hot iron tube at 873 K. The ethyne molecule then undergoes cyclic polymerization to form benzene.

How can benzene diazonium salt can be converted into phenol?

To get phenol from benzene Diazonium chloride, all you need is to warm the benzene Diazonium chloride solution. The Diazonium ion reacts with water in the solution or as a black oily liquid. Nitrogen gas has evolved. This is the same reaction that you get if you react phenylamine with nitrous acid in warm air.

Why is benzene diazonium salt more stable than alkyl diazonium salt?

Aromatic diazonium salts such as Benzene Diazonium Halide are more stable than aliphatic diazonium salts due to dispersion of positive charge over the benzene ring caused by resonance.