Why is it called the Marais?

The French word marais literally translates to ‘swamp’ in English, and the name was particularly appropriate because of the marshy quality of the land on the banks of the Seine. During the Middle Ages, it became an important place for many religious orders who tended the land.

Is Le Marais touristy?

You probably feel like the Marais is a touristy neighborhood, I can tell you that it’s not! Especially, if you get to visit the area in the company of a local. While walking the Marais, you will find plenty of fashion stores, art galleries, mansions, and many other surprises!

Where can I walk in Le Marais?

Walking Tour: The Marais

  1. Village St-Paul. Many centuries ago, a small hamlet sat on this spot when the area was still mostly marshland (marais means “swamp”).
  2. Rampart of Philippe Auguste.
  3. Hôtel de Sens.
  4. Rue François Miron.
  5. The Pletzl.
  6. Rue des Rosiers.
  7. Rue du Temple.
  8. Hôtel de Clisson.

Where is the Marais in Paris?

The South Marais, district 4, closer to the City Hall, the River Seine and Ile Saint Louis. Beware of unscrupulous hôtels, holiday rentals or real estate agents located far away from the Marais who pretend to be in The Marais but are not. The Marais is only the part defined in brown on this map.

What is the postal code for Le Marais in Paris?

Postal codes have to be 75003 or 75004 to be sure it s part of le Marais or at least close to it.

What is the Marais district like to live in?

“ Today, the Marais district is a dynamic living area which is alive late at night, with the beat of its trendy boutiques, its small art galleries and its (very) numerous bars. Point of rendezvous of the gay community, this area also benefits of exclusive shop opening hours on Sundays.

Is there a right way to walk through Le Marais?

Since le Marais is quite small, there’s no real wrong or right way to walk through the area. All roads tend to lead to the same main attractions eventually, and even going the wrong way never results in more than a five minute detour.