Why is KC Pro aviar?

The KC “Ken Climo” Aviar is an Aviar with a beaded rim. This Aviar model uses a firm pro plastic and is great for players who prefer a stiff, durable putter. The KC Aviar is more overstable than the traditional Aviar putters….Disc Information.

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What is a JK aviar?

The Aviar-X JK (Juliana Korver) is a version of the popular Innova Aviar that brings great results. This is a “big bead” putter, meaning there is a bump or bead on the inside rim. This disc comes in soft Pro plastic. The JK Aviar is softer than the Yeti Pro, but more firm than the regular R-Pro Aviar.

What is a McPro aviar?

McPro Aviar – The most popular putter in disc golf! At least based on number sold throughout the years. The disc that spawned a million variations =P. Big Bead, KC, JK, McPro, James Conrad, Yeti, Aviar3, AviarX3, VAviar, etc! This variation was to support Paul McBeth when he was with Innova.

Does the KC Aviar have a bead?

The KC (Ken Climo) Pro Aviar is made from the Aviar Big Bead mold in a firm blend of Pro Plastic for players who prefer a stiffer disc. This is the preferred model of professional players.

What putter does Calvin heimburg use?

Innova Aviar
Professional Male Disc Golfers and their Putters

Player name Brand Putter name
Paul McBeth Discraft Luna
Calvin Heimburg Innova Aviar
Ricky Wysocki Latitude 64 Dagger
Eagle McMahon Discmania Rainmaker

What plastic is McPro aviar?

McPro Aviars are the P&A (Putt and Approach) Aviar mold in a stiffer KC Pro plastic. They do seem to perform better on heavy chained baskets, such as MachX, but should fly very similarly.

What is the best aviar?

First and foremost is the most popular putter ever made, the Innova Aviar. This has been a staple in the Innova lineup since it was invented. It is a beadless putter with a fairly deep rim, which makes it a straight-shooter with good neutral glide. It is extremely dependable putting putter and versatile disc.

Who is the JK aviar named after?

The JK stands for Juliana Korver, 5x World Champion, and she loves this tacky, soft plastic on a big bead Aviar. The JK Pro Aviar is used by players across the sport and has been adopted by Innova’s James Conrad.

What are the different types of aviar putters?

The “Aviar” is the classic Innova Putter that comes in a lot of the starter sets. There are several differnt variations of the Aviar: Classic Aviar, KC Aviar, JK Aviar, Yeti Pro Aviar, and Aviar Driver.

Is aviar a good putter?

Overall, this is a solid putter and should be one of the first ones you try. I liked it enough to buy ten Aviars for my putting practice center at home. I don’t use it as my main putter because the rim is just a little to deep to give me a consistently perfect release.