Why Sephiroth kills Aerith?

Aerith’s Death Aerith was killed by Sephiroth because she wielded the White Materia that could cast Holy. This was the only power that could stop the Meteor that Sephiroth was plotting to summon in his plan to become a god-like being.

Is Aerith in love with Cloud?

According to the Novel called Case of Life Stream – White which is officially written by Nojima said Cloud is the lover of Aerith. Lovebirds, Sweet hearts, Power couple, and Badass couple according to FF7 remake. Square Enix officially release an artwork in Hinamatsuri event confirming Cloud and Aerith are lovers.

Why is Aerith still alive?

The main ramification of Aerith surviving in FF7 Remake is that she’s needed in the Lifestream. She managed to activate the White Materia before she died in FF7, but Sephiroth was able to stop Holy from activating. Holy didn’t appear until Cloud and his friends entered the North Crater and defeated Sephiroth.

Will Aerith survive in the remake?

Will Only Be Revealed with the Game’s Release. There are some “teasers” that show that Aerith could survive, but nothing is truly confirmed. It’ll only be truly revealed when the game is released.

Who was the first guy Aerith loved?

Zack was the first person Aerith loved, thus creating an emotional connection between herself and Cloud, because he reminds her of him. Originally, the role of her first love was to have been fulfilled by the game’s antagonist Sephiroth.

Does Tifa marry Cloud?

Does Cloud love Tifa or Aerith in FF7 Remake? Cloud doesn’t really end up with either Tifa or Aerith in the Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, players can get a semi-romantic special scene with Tifa or Aerith in chapter 14 of the Final Fantasy VII Remake and this is dependent on previous choices made.

Does Cloud love Tifa or Aerith?

What is Aerith’s theme?

“Aerith’s Theme” is one of three tracks arranged by Shirō Hamaguchi and performed by an orchestra for this best-of album of Final Fantasy VII music. It is the final track of the album. A piano arrangement by Shirō Hamaguchi was included in the Piano Collections album of Final Fantasy VII as the eleventh track.

Why did they kill off Aerith?

We talked a lot about how the story would turn out. The theme of Final Fantasy VII was ‘life,’ and we sacrificed Aerith in order to give weight and depth to that theme. Her death is a tragedy but, if we suddenly just killed off everyone else after that, it would dilute the meaning of her death.

What is the theme of death in literature?

The theme death has always played a crucial role in literature. Death surrounds us and our everyday life, something that we must adapt and accept. Whether its on television or newpaper, you’ll probobly hear about the death of an individual or even a group.

What’s the Aerith theme song on the 7th disc?

An arrangement of “Aerith’s Theme” is featured in “Credits,” the 13th track of the seventh disc. Lesser known arrangements include “The First Guy I Ever Loved”, which plays when Aerith tells Cloud about Zack in the Sector 6 Slums.