Are German Shepherd husky mix good dogs?

Known to be intelligent and extremely loyal, the German Shepherd Husky Mix is a fun loving, sweet, and pleasant dog. It is great service or companion dog for the family.

How long do Shepsky dogs live?

10 and 13
Gerberian Shepskies are large dogs with a moderate lifespan. In general, you can expect your Gerberian Shepsky to live to be between the ages of 10 and 13. With proper diet, plenty of exercise, and regular visits to the vet, your dog may even live into its late teens.

Do German Shepherd husky mix have health problems?

Glaucoma, corneal dystrophy, juvenile cataracts, and progressive retinal atrophy can all be found in German Shepherd Husky mixes. Each condition is diagnosed differently, and each ailment can come along at different times in your dog’s life.

What is the life expectancy of a husky mix?

What’s the Average Lifespan of a Husky? As a medium to large breed, they do enjoy a longer lifespan than large breeds, but this is dependent on factors such as diet, exercise, and even genetics. The typical lifespan of the breed is between 12 and 15 years, although it is believed that some live to 18 years or more.

How often should you wash a Shepsky?

However, they are double coated and may shed one coat to accommodate warm temperatures. Your Shepsky will also have a double coat that requires twice weekly brushing sessions to promote proper shedding and skin health. Additionally, frequent full bathes are harmful to your German Sherpherd Husky mixes natural oils.

Do Shepsky like to swim?

A fun-filled schedule of urban mushing, swimming, hiking, and agility training is sure to keep your Gerberian Shepsky fit as a fiddle and happy as a lark, and an indoor game of hide-and-seek will keep them entertained on those rainy days.

Are husky German Shepherd mix aggressive?

The Mix. Gerberian Shepskies are the ultimate dogs, meaning they possess traits of both huskies and German Shepherds. This hybrid is loyal, intelligent, playful and easy to train. A German shepsky is an instinctively Alpha dog and may get aggressive or do its own thing if the owner is not firm.

Are Shepsky good family dogs?

If they’re well-trained and have had plenty of exposure to kids, especially as a puppy, a Shepsky is a great companion for children. In fact, some say they’re a cross between a babysitter and a cop, both gentle with and protective of the children in their family.

Is 13 old for a Husky?

Siberian Huskies have a lifespan of 10-13 years. Although some Siberian Huskies can live up to 16 years, the average lifespan is 10 to 13 years. In all breeds, including huskies, females live slightly longer than males. A Siberian Husky named Kody lived in Philadelphia and reached 16 years old.

Can huskies live for 20 years?

However, if you’re wondering whether dogs can live to the ripe old age of 20, the answer is a definite yes — but only in rare cases.