Are Oetiker clamps better?

Oetiker are a pain to remove, ( you usually destroy them), but they are less damaging on the hoses. They are also less damaging on your hands and arms when you go reaching around in a kegerator or keezer , what with no free “tail” like on a worm gear clamp.

Can you reuse Oetiker clamps?

OETIKER Stepless low profile clamps are reusable. They can be opened and installed time and again, for example for maintenance and servicing in the automotive industry and they can also be installed both axially and radially.

How are Oetiker clamps measured?

The first thing you need to know about the step-less style ear-clamp, AKA oetiker style clamp is that they are measured based on the inner diameter. The clamps have a small number imprinted on the side of them that represents their size. The size is the inner diameter of the clamp when open/not-clamped.

What size Oetiker clamp do I need?

Simply measure the outside diameter of the hose installed on fitting. Then select a hose clamp so that the outside diameter of the hose is approximately in the middle of the clamping range of the clamp.

How do Oetiker clamps work?

The ear clamp is tightened around the attached hose by specialized pincers, which force the sides in on themselves. The pincers come in a standard style which closes the clamp while being held parallel to the ear and a “side jaw” style which closes from a perpendicular position.

How do you tighten a stepless clamp?

Stepless clamps are designed to tighten in an exact circle around the hosing, sinply use a crimping tool or the middle cutter on your pliers to crimp (not squeeze) the stepless clamp closed.

Can you crimp PEX with pliers?

You should use a crimping tool that crimps the PEX. Good luck with the crimping. The tool can be rented or purchased. Diagonal cutting pliers or end cutting pliers can be used to cut the clamps.

What are Oetiker clamps used for?

Established in Switzerland in 1942, the Oetiker Group makes a wide range of connection options for automotive, hydraulic, oil and gas, and other industries. Ear clamps are a fairly simple device for connecting a hose to a pipe or a fitting like a hose barb connection.

How do you size ear clamps?

How to determine proper pinch/crimp clamp size: Measure actual outside diameter (O.D.) of the hose on the fitting. Select the nominal size clamp nearest to that size, but always larger than the O.D. of the hose on the fitting. IDEAL-TRIDON is a trademark of Ideal Clamp Products, Inc.

How does an Oetiker clamp work?

How does a stepless clamp work?