Are there private beaches in Mombasa?

Lamu holds some of the most private and secluded beach locations North of Mombasa. It is accessible through the Malindi airstrip. Kizingo beach, Shela beach, and Manda Bay are among the beautiful, laid-back isolated beaches in Lamu. The scenic palm-lined small beaches are perfect for relaxation and beach walking.

How many days do you need in Diani Beach?

For me, 3 days would be the minimum amount of time that you should spend in and around Diani Beach and here are some recommendations on what to do during those three days in this awesome corner of the world.

Is Nyali beach in South coast?

The North Coast is segmented into Nyali, Shanzu, Bamburi, and English Point beaches while the South Coast is mostly characterized by the multi-award-winning Diani Beach as well as the lesser-known Tiwi Beach.

How many beaches are in Mombasa?

four north beaches
The four north beaches – Nyali, Bamburi, Shanzu and Kikambala, offer an array of pastimes, both water and land-based, including golf, tennis, snorkeling, squash, diving, fishing and other sports. Families appreciate the affordable accommodations of the North Coast.

Is there Ocean in Mombasa?

Mombasa (/mɒmˈbæsə/ mom-BASS-ə; also US: /-ˈbɑːsə/ -⁠BAH-sə) is a coastal city in southeastern Kenya along the Indian Ocean.

How do I get from Diani Beach to Mombasa?

Upon arrival in Mombasa, you will need a transfer to Diani via the Likoni Ferry. A ferry ride is only five – seven minutes from Mombasa Island to the South Coast, but the queue to get on the ferry can result in more than an hour wait. The Kenya Ferry Service does not charge people using the ferry.

How do I get from Nairobi to Diani?

You can take a train to Diani Beach from Nairobi that depart from Nairobi and arrive at Mombasa. The railroad connecting two cities is about 327 miles. We recommend taking the train, which is a fast option and takes around 6 hours. The train stops 2 times on the whole trip.

Is Mombasa beach Open?

Timings: The beach is open for public all round the year. Price: Entry to the beach is free. Mombasa Tusks is one of the most prominent landmarks of the Mombasa city of Kenya.

Is Diani South or North coast?

The South Coast of Kenya offers a wide range of different options for the discerning beach-goer. From the wide, white sand beaches of Watamu and Diani, to the hidden coves of Funzi Keys and the secluded luxury of Msambweni and Kinondo Kwetu, there is something for everyone’s palate.

Who is the owner of Nyali Beach Hotel?

Sun Africa Hotels
Kenyan hospitality group, Sun Africa Hotels, has taken over the management of Nyali International Beach Hotel in Mombasa County. The hotel will now be known as Nyali Sun Africa Beach Hotel and Spa.

What is Mombasa known for?

Mombasa is famous for its beaches, world-class beach resorts, and it’s historical significance. It is the most popular tourist destination in Kenya and is the second largest city in Kenya (second only to the capital city, Nairobi).