Can duck be saved Walking Dead?

Save Duck (Alive): If Lee chooses to save Duck, he punches the walker who grabbed him while Kenny takes him off the tractor and runs to safety. The walkers break the fence before Lee can help Shawn. Hershel is furious at the two of them for leaving his son to die and orders them to leave the farm.

What happens to duck in the walking dead?

Spoiler Alert Walking Dead Episode 3 After succumbing to the zombie bite, you’re forced with killing Duck. Katjaa, take her life, and I forced Kenny into killing his zombied son. After losing Lily, Carly, and now Kenny’s family, the group has thinned out.

Does duck get bit?

Both male and female ducks will bite if they feel threatened. Female ducks will often bite if you are posing a risk to their eggs or ducklings while male ducks, or drakes, will bite if they think you’re invading their territory or threatening their mate. Ducks may also bite in a playful manner to show familiarity.

What happens if you don’t save duck walking dead?

Death. Regardless if Lee chose to save Duck or Shawn, Shawn would be attacked and eaten by two walkers while being pinned down by the tractor, and Kenny would run away with Duck.

Is it better to save Duck or Shawn?

You definitely have to save Duck over Shawn and protect him from Larry in Episode 1. Both matter so much. I think it’s safe to say that saving Duck is the objectively better choice all around. Even if you don’t like Kenny you still earn points towards securing another helping hand in finding Clementine.

Should you save Shawn or duck?

Who got Jane pregnant Walking Dead?

Later when Clem heads to Carver’s office, she sees that Jane had hanged herself and is now a walker. Clementine is devastated, confused as to why she’d kill herself; she soon finds a pregnancy test on the floor, the result confirming Jane was pregnant after having sex with Luke at the observation deck.

Can you save duck and Shawn?

No, there’s no way to save Shawn. Regardless of what you do, the outcome is always the same. Depending on your choices, and how you respond to Hershel afterwards, you can change your relationship with Kenny, but he’ll always offer you a ride to Macon regardless.

Does Larry survive walking dead?

Both plead with Lee to help, and Lee is forced to decide to either try to revive Larry or assist Kenny in killing him. Regardless of Lee’s choice, Kenny picks up a salt lick and drops it on Larry’s head, crushing his brain and killing him instantly.

Is there a way to save both Shawn and duck?

Can Carly Be Saved?

When given the choice to save either Carley or Doug, Lee’s decision may lead to Carley’s death. If Carley is saved, Lee and her relationship continues to grow over three months, to a seemingly high level.