Can I email Cafcass?

We will email you and ask you to confirm your identity to our central email address [email protected] by providing two pieces of verification, such as your date of birth and your address.

How do Cafcass Do safeguarding checks?

Safeguarding checks: We carry out checks with the police and the local authority to find out whether there are any known safety or welfare risks to your children. Telephone interview: In most cases, we phone you and the other party to find out if you have any concerns about the safety and welfare of your children.

Do courts go against Cafcass?

A CAFCASS report can be challenged. Even if you agree with the report conclusions the judge may not do so. Generally speaking, a judge will normally follow a recommendation in a CAFCASS report unless there are good reasons not to do so.

Do family courts Favour mothers?

Courts act in the best interests of the child There is a common misconception that courts favour mothers. In recent years there have been many cases which demonstrate that the courts place just as much priority on the father’s position as they do the mother’s.

Who speaks first to CAFCASS?

Assisting the Court in Decision-Making CAFCASS can help the Court in three main ways after the first hearing: A reporting CAFCASS officer can speak to the children about their wishes and feelings. A ‘wishes and feelings report’ can be requested at a first hearing and will be appropriate for children aged 10 or above.

Are CAFCASS higher than social services?

The key difference between CAFCASS and social services is that CAFCASS are an independent support service, specifically appointed to assist the family court. Social services are there to protect children and vulnerable adults in all areas of life, not just in court proceedings.

Is CAFCASS a public body?

Cafcass is sponsored by the Ministry of Justice and is a non-departmental public body.