Can I make my own turbo?

Building a custom turbo kit for your car is the ultimate way to gain horsepower. There are numerous full aftermarket kits available for many makes and models, but piecing together your own turbo kit lets you custom choose each piece, and also can save you money.

Can you put a turbo on your exhaust?

An alternative placement for a turbocharger is to have it rear-mounted as part of the exhaust system, replacing the silencer/backbox with the turbine and multiple routes of additional tubing.

Is it cheaper to make your own turbo kit?

It’s definitely cheaper to build your own turbo kit. Aside from just being cheaper overall, it’s also flexible – you are allowed to pick and choose components that you think should go cheaper or more expensive. However, this comes with a much added complexity, hassle and time taken to actually install the turbo.

What parts do you need to turbo a car?


  1. Turbo kit Manifold and Downpipe. The turbo manifold mounts the turbo on the engine and places the compressor blades in the exhaust stream.
  2. Intercooler and Intake Piping.
  3. Oil/Coolant supply lines.

What is a Intercooled turbo?

An intercooler is a mechanical device used to cool the intake air on engines fitted with a forced induction (either a turbocharger or a supercharger) system.

How do you hook up a turbo to an exhaust?

Run the turbo down pipe down the firewall and connect at the cut end of the existing exhaust system. Use a flexible elbow or tubing to connect the turbo air outlet to the intake manifold or carburetor. Tighten all connecter with a screwdriver, wrench, or socket to create a leak free exhaust gas exchange system.

Can you install a turbo without an intercooler?

Expert Weighs In. Yes, an intercooler is required to install a turbocharged engine because an intercooler cools down compressed air coming from the turbo significantly – preventing them from prematurely detonating at an incorrect time.

Why do people put turbos in the exhaust?

Given that a turbo is driven by engine exhaust gases, which spin the turbine and compress the air that is then fed back into the engine intake, the farther the air has to travel in that cycle, the more lag there’s going to be between stepping on the accelerator and making usable boost.

Can you turbo a 4 cylinder?

Can A 4 Cylinder Take A Turbo? The turbocharger is now found on many four-cylinder sports cars. By installing an aftermarket boost controller on the vacuum line between the turbocharger and waste gate, you can increase the amount of boost the turbocharger produces.