Can RouteNote be trusted?

Yes! RouteNote provides a safe and reliable service for artists to distribute their music. At RouteNote we make sure that the entire upload process is secure and painless. It’s your music – you should have total control.

Is RouteNote a good distributor?

If you want to keep your advertising costs down, but still enjoy the range of services that a distribution platform provides, RouteNote is the best platform for you.

Is Distrokid better than RouteNote?

In regards to pricing though, DistroKid is clearly the winner! It’s 20$ per year for UNLIMITED releases while RouteNote charges 9.99$ per year + additional fees for each type of release (10$ – single, 20$ – ep, 30$ – album, 45$ – extended album).

How long does it take for RouteNote to approve?

With RouteNote distribution it will usually take up to 72 hours for your tracks to be approved for release online, and your music will start to appear on stores a few days afterwards.

Is RouteNote safe Reddit?

For those who don’t know routenote is the distibutor who will distribute your album for free in exchange for a small percentage (10%). The other option is to pay for the distribution liscence, which costs the usual amount.

Is RouteNote better than TuneCore?

RouteNote Premium offers distribution for singles at the same cost of TuneCore. For EPs or albums, RouteNote’s annual cost at $9.99 is a significant saving over TuneCore’s $49.99. For the smaller artist, RouteNote’s Free model offers an opportunity TuneCore cannot match.

How much money does RouteNote take?

RouteNote’s free distribution doesn’t charge you for uploading your music and you keep a transparent 85% of revenue, with no hidden fees.

What happens after RouteNote approves?

Once your release has been approved, we’ll deliver it to your selected stores within 24 hours (excluding weekends). It’ll be live in most of your chosen stores within 14 days, however some stores can take up to 28 days due to longer ingestion periods.

How long does it take for RouteNote moderation?

RouteNote moderation times vary, but we usually aim to check and fix any issues with your release in around 72 hours. Once your release has been approved, presuming you haven’t sent a sales start date, our stores will get your release live in 48 hours to 2 weeks.

Is RouteNote completely free?

Yes! RouteNote is completely free for all artists looking to distribute their music on any online platforms. Artists keep 85% of all revenues when they choose RouteNote for free music distribution.

Where is RouteNote based?

Redruth, Cornwall
We launched in 2007 as an extension of Black and White Recording Studio, based in Redruth, Cornwall, with a vision to shape the transformation of the music industry.

How long is RouteNote moderation?