Can you pay credit card with a Cheque?

To make credit card bill payment using cheque, a cardholder needs to write a cheque favouring the credit card and deposit it in the drop box or a cheque payment machine. The drop-box or the cheque payment machine can be located at the bank’s branches and ATMs that exist in the country.

Where can I pay my HSBC credit card?

A: You may pay for your HSBC Credit Card bill through any of the following payment centers: 1. Payment through HSBC and HSBC Savings Bank 2. Payment via automated channels, such as Bancnet and Megalink member banks 3. Over-the-counter at SM Department Stores, SM Hypermarkets and Supermarkets, and BDO.

How do I pay my HSBC credit card in Australia?

You can perform a BPAY® payment online using the HSBC internet banking service. The biller code to use is 17095. If you are not registered for our internet banking service, contact our Customer Service Centre on 132 152 (+612 9005 8511 if calling from overseas).

How do I pay my HSBC credit card in Canada?

  1. Select ‘Pay or transfer’.
  2. Select the account you are paying from.
  3. In the ‘To’ section, select ‘My payees’, start entering “HSBC Mastercard”, and then choose from your list of payees.
  4. Enter the amount and date, and then ‘Continue’.
  5. Verify the details and confirm your payment.

How do I write a cheque to pay my credit card bill?

Paying credit card bills by cheque

  1. 16-digit credit card number.
  2. Name of the credit card holder.
  3. Cheque details like name of the bank, cheque number and amount.
  4. Depositor’s contact number.
  5. Attach this slip to the cheque and deposit it in a cheque payment machine or slip it into the drop box at your bank’s branch or ATM.

How can I pay by cheque?

Cheque-writing basics

  1. Write the name of the person or organisation you’re paying.
  2. Draw a line through any blank spaces on the cheque so people can’t add extra numbers or names.
  3. Add details (such as a reference or account number) to the payee line.
  4. Keep the cheque stub that contains the details and reference.

How do I pay my HSBC credit card UK?

Online banking

  1. Once logged in, select ‘Move money’.
  2. Select ‘Using our company look-up’.
  3. Type HSBC in the company name field. You’ll see a list of HSBC credit cards.
  4. Select the relevant card for your payment.
  5. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your payment.

How do you pay off a credit card from another bank?

If you’re paying your bill from an account at another financial institution, select the Manage Pay To/Pay From Accounts link from the Bill Pay menu, then select the Add Pay From Account button and follow the instructions (you’ll need your bank’s 9-digit routing number and your account number in order to set up the Pay …

How do I pay online with HSBC?

Online banking

  1. Log on to online banking.
  2. Select ‘Pay and transfer’ from the quick links section.
  3. Choose the account you want to make the payment from.
  4. Select ‘A new payee’
  5. Select the ‘Country’ and the ‘Currency’ the payment is being made to.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.

How do I set up an HSBC credit card payment?

All you have to do is print, complete and sign the Authorization FormAuthorization Form This link will open in a new window and:

  1. Scan and email the form to us at [email protected], or.
  2. Drop it off at an HSBC branch, or.
  3. Mail it to us at:

How do I add a payee to my HSBC account?

Mobile banking

  1. Once logged on, select ‘Pay & Transfer’ and choose ‘Make a payment or transfer’
  2. Select the account you’d like to pay from, and then select then ‘My payees’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Add a new payee’ twice and then ‘Next’
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the payment.

How do I make a cheque payment to HSBC?

Cheques should be crossed and made payable to ‘The Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited’ or ‘HSBC’. Please write your card account number on the back of the cheque. Do not send cash or post-dated cheque. You must pay at least the minimum payment due on or before the payment due date (s) as shown on the statement.

Can I pay my HSBC credit card bill in cash?

* Option available for HSBC bank account holders only. ** Option available in select cities only. + A ‘Cash Payment Charge’ of Rs.100, or any other sum as may be decided from time to time, will be levied for HSBC Credit Card bill payments made in cash at HSBC branches & drop boxes. ^This facility is for HSBC VISA Credit Cardholders only.

How do I access the HSBC credit card servicing website?

From the My Accounts menu on the left side of dashboard, select your HSBC Credit Card. Click the black Manage Card button in the center of the page. You’ll enter the Credit Cards servicing website.

Where can I find the Merchant Code of my HSBC credit card?

For details, call the PPS pre-recorded hotline on 900 00 222 329. The merchant code of our Credit Card is “18”. HSBC Internet Banking: Transfer funds from your account with HSBC to settle your credit card account through the internet.