Did Erin Paine have a miscarriage?

Erin suffered multiple miscarriages after that. Doctors were able to determine that Erin suffered from a blood clotting disorder, and would require medication to carry pregnancies to term. Erin spoke of her struggles in an interview: “Going through a miscarriage is one of the hardest things.

How many kids do Erin and Chad have?

We feel indebted, loved, and so grateful to each of you. Erin and Chad — who both starred on the UPtv reality seriesBringing Up Bates — are already the parents to four children, including 6-year-old son Carson, as well as daughters Brooklyn, 5, Everly, 3, and Holland , 2. Congrats to the happy family!

Did Kelly Bates ever have a miscarriage?

“They fasted and prayed.” But Kelly’s body has changed with age and she is heading into the outer reaches of her child-bearing years. She had two miscarriages before her last two successful births with Callie and Judson. A low progesterone level was making it more difficult to get sustain a pregnancy.

Who is pregnant in the Bates family in 2021?

💓 we can’t wait to welcome Charlotte Raine Smith coming June 2021!” she captioned the post. Tori’s sister Josie is also expecting a child this year. The 21-year-old announced earlier this month that she is pregnant and “SOO excited to become a family of four” in June.

What surgery did Erin Paine have?

Back in February, Erin opened up about her health complications on Instagram, revealing that she had three surgeries over the course of a few months “due to cysts that have ruptured and caused a lot of internal bleeding.” She also shared that she had to have one ovary removed and “most of the second removed as well.”

What does Chad Paine do for a living?

After getting married, Chad began working for Noble Metals, Inc. in Oak Ridge, TN. He also does refinishing and re-purposing projects for extra income.

Do the Bates family wear pants?

Although the Bates family believes in modest dress, they aren’t too strict on what their kids wear, according to In Touch Weekly. For example, the Bates women wear pants and sleeveless dresses.

Why is Bringing Up Bates being Cancelled?

‘Bringing Up Bates’ Canceled After Following Racist Video Mocking George Floyd’s Death Last Year.

Why was Bringing Up Bates Cancelled?

Are Tori and Bobby expecting?

“We are so excited to announce that we’re expecting baby number 3! 🤰🏻 it’s a girl! 💓 we can’t wait to welcome Charlotte Raine Smith coming June 2021!” she captioned the post.