Did Shakespeare write about the Trojan War?

Troilus and Cressida (/ˈtrɔɪləs ˈkrɛsɪdə/) is a play by William Shakespeare, probably written in 1602….

Troilus and Cressida
Subject Trojan War
Genre Shakespearean problem play
Setting Troy, Trojan War

Who is Troilus in Merchant of Venice?

Troilus: Trojan prince and lover of Cressida, who proved faithless to him after she had been sent from Troy to the Greek camp.

Is A Midsummer Night’s Dream based on Greek mythology?

Because A Midsummer Night’s Dream takes place in Athens, Greece, Shakespeare includes many references to Greek and Roman mythology. The play follows the events surrounding the wedding of Theseus to Hippolyta. In the play, Shakespeare makes Theseus the Duke of Athens.

Is Troilus in the Iliad?

The earliest surviving literary reference to Troilus is in Homer’s Iliad, which formed one part of the Epic Cycle. It is believed that Troilus’ name was not invented by Homer and that a version of his story was already in existence.

What happens to Troilus?

In Greek mythology, Troilus is a young Trojan prince, one of the sons of King Priam (or Apollo) and Hecuba. Prophecies link Troilus’ fate to that of Troy and so he is ambushed and murdered by Achilles.

What is the message in Troilus and Cressida?

The play’s great theme is infidelity, and it is this that links together the various separate actions. There are three stories here—that of Troilus and Cressida, that of the Greeks’ quarrel with Achilles, and that of Hector’s downfall—and all three pivot around a revelation or demonstration of infidelity.

Why does Cressida cheat on Troilus?

Troilus allows Cressida to be taken to the Greek camp where she does not want to go because she will be away from him. He leaves Cressida to feel lonely and because of these conditions she is weak under pressure which leads her to be unfaithful.

Do Troilus and Cressida end up together?

His master, meanwhile, has been honored by the commanders over the sulking Achilles, and is to fight Hector the next day. That night, Pandarus brings Troilus and Cressida together, and after they pledge to be forever true to one another, he leads them to a bedchamber to consummate their love.