Did the Whigs represent the North?

The party was active in both the Northern United States and the Southern United States and did not take a strong stance on slavery, but Northern Whigs tended to be less supportive of that institution than their Democratic counterparts.

What were the policy differences between the Democrats and Whigs of the second party system?

As Norton explains, there were major policy differences: Whigs favored economic expansion through an activist government, Democrats through limited central government. Whigs supported corporate charters, a national bank, and paper currency; Democrats were opposed to all three.

What was the difference between the Democrats and the Whigs during the Jackson years?

The Democrats were united in opposition to paper money; the Whigs were united in support of it. What political party was organized to oppose President Jackson?

How did the Republican Party differ from the Whig and Democratic parties quizlet?

The Whig Party split into two groups over the issue of slavery: anti-slavery members formed the Republican Party and pro-slavery members joined the Democratic Party. The Republican Party reflected the growing anti-slavery views in the US and nominated Lincoln for president in 1860.

What did Whigs support?

Whigs generally supported higher tariffs, distributing land revenues to states and passing relief legislation in response to the financial panics of 1837 and 1839.

What were the major ideas of the Whigs quizlet?

The Whig party supported the idea of government funded expansion, reform, and modernization. They called for higher tariffs and taxes and a strong national bank in order to improve infrastructure. They supported the concept of prohibition to end the ill effects of alcohol on society.

Did Whigs support state rights?

What did the northern Whigs believe in?

The Whig Party believed in a strong federal government, similar to the Federalist Party that preceded it. The federal government must provide its citizenry with a transportation infrastructure to assist economic development. Many Whigs also called for government support of business through tariffs.