Do Piper and Alex get together in Season 2?

Piper proposes to Alex and she says yes. In the final episode they hear the CERT group approaching; they lock hands with Red, Nicky, Taystee, Cindy, Suzanne, Blanca, Gloria, and Frieda, and stand united, waiting for whatever hope has for them.

What did Alex do to Piper in Season 2?

Piper meets with Larry’s father—her lawyer—who strongly advises her to tell the truth. On the way to the trial, Alex pushes one last time for Piper to lie; Piper gives in and perjures herself at the trial. After the trial, Alex informs Piper that she ultimately told the truth.

What episode do Piper and Alex sleep together?

Episode 9: Fucksgiving After he sends Piper to SHU for supposed lesbian behaviour with Alex, the first thing she does when she gets out is have sex with Alex.

Is Alex in Season 2 of Orange Is the New Black?

Alex Vause does not have many appearances in the second season. In their trial, despite saying she wouldn’t and urging Piper to do the same, she named the prime drug lord, Kubra Balik, but the court failed to have him arrested due to misplaced evidence.

Does Piper sleep with Stella?

Season Three Piper becomes interested in Stella, both romantically and sexually, and the two begin having an affair.

Who does Alex cheat on Piper with?

Then, just as Piper calls Alex to tell her she doesn’t want an open relationship, Alex kisses McCullough and they begin an affair. On the outside, Piper isn’t aware that Alex is, for all intents and purposes, cheating on her.

Does Alex cheat on Piper?

Does Alex Vause leave in season 2?

Alex does leave Litchfield in the second season, but she’ll be in four episodes, not one. And even better news for Orange fans: If there’s a season three, Prepon is willing to come back full-time.

Does Alex find out Piper turned her in?

Alex retorts that coming clean to each other about everything they’ve done would be much better for both of them. “So much better than ignorance.” Whether intentionally or not, she practically goads Piper’s confession right out of her. Alex learns that Piper is the reason she’s back in prison.

Do Piper and Nicky get together?

Nicky and Piper never did get romantic together, which is a shame as there’s no doubt they could have worked nicely as a couple. Nicky has to battle through major issues with her drug addiction early on, but once she powers through that she’s one of the most positive people on the show.

Does Piper choose Alex or Zelda?

Although Alex breaks up with Piper because of the move, Piper ends up moving and starting a new life in Ohio to be closer to Alex. The last image of the couple is them laughing together during a prison visitation. The writers arrived at Piper’s story arc early in the series, moved by Piper Kerman’s life story.

Did Piper sleep with Stella?

Season Three Piper becomes interested in Stella, both romantically and sexually, and the two begin having an affair. Around this time, Alex breaks up with Piper.