Do screened bottom boards work?

Screened bottom boards can be used as a natural way to control small hive beetles and Varroa mites by putting a sticky substance on the screen to catch them as they fall through. This strategy also allows beekeepers to monitor how dense pest populations are throughout the year.

How do you use dual screen bottom board?

Place the double screen board on top. Put the end of the board without any doors towards the front of the hive. Open one of the upper doors on the double screen board, on the side of the hive. Place a box with all the remaining brood – at least five frames – on top of the double screen board.

What is a reversible bottom board?

Years ago the bottom board was referred to as a reversible bottom board. This meant that if you flip it over on one side the entrance opening would be 3/4 of an inch. Flip it over on the other side and the entrance opening would be 3/8 of an inch.

Should screened bottom boards in winter?

While they have been traditionally used mostly in hot climates, lately many beekeepers have been using screened bottom boards in winter. That’s because bees need air and ventilation even in the cold months.

Should I remove the bottom board of a beehive?

During summer, your bees are wizards at keeping the bottom board clean, and so they often remove evidence before you see it. But with a screened bottom, the bees are prevented from reaching the pieces that fall through. They have no choice but to leave them there for you.

How long should honey settle in settling tanks?

Filter your honey through a strainer into a settling tank and leave for around 2 days in a warm room, which allows any air bubbles to rise to the surface, before jarring up.

How does a Snelgrove Board work?

Snelgrove’s ingenious swarm control method is suitable for those with few hives. It relies on splitting the colony and continuously bleeding young bees from a top brood box to the lower part of the hive.

What is a bottom board?

The bottom board of a beehive serves as the floor of the hive and sits between the hive stand and the brood box. It provides an entrance and exit for the honey bees, and can easily be made bigger or smaller for warmer or cooler weather, respectively.

Do bee hives need a bottom board?

Screened Bottom Boards Provide Better Ventilation Screened Bottom Boards definitely provide better hive ventilation. Even during Winter, our hives need to have good ventilation. A screen insert makes hive ventilation easier for the bees because is helps air flow throughout the hive.

What causes chalk brood?

Chalkbrood is caused by the fungus Ascosphaera apis and it affects both sealed and unsealed brood.

Should you let honey settle before bottling?

So, how long should your honey sit before you bottle it? Extracted honey should be left for 24 to 48 hours to settle before beginning the bottling process. This allows the air bubbles and wax debris to float to the top and be removed by skimming or clingwrap.