Does Chiari malformation qualify for disability?

If you have Arnold-Chiari Malformation that has resulted in severe symptoms that have made you unable to work, you may be eligible to receive Social Security disability benefits. A chiari malformation (CM) is a defect in the brain structure.

Is Chiari malformation covered under ADA?

Often, people with Chiari Malformations may encounter limitations at work as a result of their condition. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides people with disabilities certain rights, and may make working with Chiari easier if you are aware of what it is.

Does Chiari malformation cause intellectual disability?

Conclusion: The association of Chiari I malformation with epilepsy, speech delay, and mental retardation may not be a mere incidental finding but may be a marker for a different pathogenetic background.

Is Chiari malformation a chronic illness?

Affected individuals may also develop a fluid-filled cavity or cyst in the spinal cord (syrinx), a condition known as syringomyelia. This condition is chronic and a syrinx can expand over time.

Is Chiari malformation considered a brain injury?

As a result, this part of the brain often compresses portions of the afflicted person’s brainstem and upper spinal cord. In other words, a Chiari malformation is a structural defect of the cerebellum; the part of the brain responsible for controlling your balance.

Can you drive with Chiari malformation?

You are still allowed to drive if you have a Chiari malformation, but the law says that you must tell the DVLA about your health condition (see Useful contacts on page 35). If you are on any medication, always check that it is okay to drive whilst taking it.

Can Chiari cause memory loss?

Cognitive dysfunction is one possible complication of Chiari malformation or the surgery to repair it. The condition and the surgery may cause physical changes to brain tissue and can lead to diffuse cognitive deficits, including problems with attention, memory, executive functioning, and information processing.

Can a fall worsen Chiari?

The consensus is that trauma, even minor head trauma or whiplash, can cause aggravation, or even the onset of painful symptoms associated with a Chiari Malformation.

Does Chiari malformation affect memory?