Does it snow in Sicily in December?

An exceptional snowfall occurred on December 31, 2014, when snow occurred in areas where it’s almost never seen, such as in Cozzo Spadaro and Pachino, on the southeastern tip of the island.

Where can I find snow in Sicily?

During the winter, snow usually falls on top of the Etna volcano which, at 3300m, is the highest mountain in Sicily. It is not only Etna which is covered by snow during the Sicilian winter, but also the Madonie mountains, situated within the borders of the natural park, which was founded in 1989 by the Sicilian Region.

How cold is Sicily in December?

Temperatures across the island range between an average low of 52˚F and high of 61˚F (11-16˚C) with the hills in the interior of the island being colder (sometimes seeing snow during cold spells), and mountainous areas over 3,300 feet (1,000 m) sometimes receiving an abundance.

Where does it snow in Italy?

Snow falls in the northern mountains of Italy from December to January every year, and occasionally it can snow in other major cities like Rome, Florence, and Milan. Snow is quite common between December and March in cities like Bologna, Milan, and Turin.

How is Sicily in December?

Sicily weather in December is very mild but it’s also very wet, with regular rainfall throughout the month. Although it’s a bit damp at times, December is a great time to travel to Sicily for the holiday season with a good deal of sunshine and very quiet towns and resorts.

Does it snow in Rome?

Snow in Rome is rare. It last really fell here in 2012, after a hiatus of nearly 30 years. On Monday, the city awakened under a layer of snow 1.5 to six inches (four to 15 centimeters) deep, depending on the neighborhood.

Does it snow in northern Italy?

Does it snow in December Italy?

Weather in Italy in December December isn’t always Italy’s coldest month, but it’s close. Snow is common in many parts of the country, particularly in the mountains and at higher elevations, and even sometimes at sea level (snow falling in Venice is one of the most beautiful winter scenes you’ll see in Italy).