Does Lauren Lopez have kids?

She recently gave birth to her daughter Diane, a 10 year old 5lb Chihuahua.

Where is Lauren Lopez from?

Royal Oak, MILauren Lopez / Place of birthRoyal Oak is a city in Oakland County in the U.S. state of Michigan. As of the 2010 census, the city had a population of 57,236.
The city is located along the Woodward Corridor, and Interstate 75 and Interstate 696 also pass through Royal Oak. Wikipedia

Is Jon Matteson single?

Matteson is a former treasurer of the Melville Society and is a member of the Louisa May Alcott Society’s advisory board. Matteson is a fellow of the Massachusetts Historical Society and has served as the deputy director of the Leon Levy Center for Biography. He married Michelle Rollo in 1991. They have a daughter.

How many Starkids are there?

Since the success of A Very Potter Musical, the group has produced thirteen stage musicals (including two Potter sequels), two national tours, two reunion concert specials, three sketch comedy shows, and three web series….StarKid Productions.

Founded 2009

Is Meredith Stepien still in StarKid?

Meredith now lives in Chicago, where they work as part of the creative team for the Adler Planetarium.

Who plays Draco Malfoy in A Very Potter Musical?

Lauren Lopez
Cast and characters

Character University of Michigan 2009
Ron Weasley Joey Richter
Hermione Granger Bonnie Gruesen
Ginny Weasley Jaime Lyn Beatty
Draco Malfoy Lauren Lopez

Are Jon Matteson and Robert Manion together?

Jon currently resides there with his roommates Nick Lang and Robert Manion. He is currently in a relationship with his partner Lindsey Martin.

Where does Jon Matteson live?

John Matteson is an associate professor of English at John Jay College in New York City, where he lives.

Are Joey Richter and Lauren Lopez together?

Personal Life. Joey currently resides in Los Angeles, California with his fiancé fellow StarKid Lauren Lopez and their chihuahua Diane. The two announced their engagement on July 20, 2020, confirming they had been in a relationship for eight years.

Is Lauren Lopez married to Joey Richter?

Lauren lives in Los Angeles with her fiancé, fellow Starkid Joey Richter and their chihuahua Diane. They have also fostered several other dogs at various times. On July 20, 2020 the pair announced their engagement via Instagram, confirming they had been in a relationship for eight years.